The Exodus Story is Bogus. This is Sufficient Evidence for Every Christian Church on the Planet to Close Its Doors.

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Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, it is not Moses who has given you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven. 6:33 For the bread of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”  –John 6:32

The Gospel authors and Paul certainly insinuate that Jesus of Nazareth believed in the historicity of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt.  Yet not one shred of evidence has been found of a large population of ancient Jews living in Egypt as slaves or fleeing into the Sinai for forty years.  Even modern Israeli archaeologists admit that the Exodus Story is a tall tale.

Jesus was wrong.  Jesus was not an all-knowing god.  This fact alone is sufficient evidence for every Christian church on the planet to close it doors and disband.  No one needs to disprove the resurrection.  Archaeology disproves the divinity of Jesus.  Even if by some miracle Jesus was brought back from the dead, he could not have been the God of the Hebrew Bible.  The God of the Hebrews did not make mistakes.  Jesus made a whopper!

Below is a short video which dispels the historicity of the Exodus:



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33 thoughts on “The Exodus Story is Bogus. This is Sufficient Evidence for Every Christian Church on the Planet to Close Its Doors.

  1. If there is one thing that rubbishes the entire basis of Christianity the Exodus is it.
    But do you think Christians are even vaguely interested in the truth?

    However, we can hope that such videos might prick the conscience of a few believers, even if just a little.

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  2. I would argue a bit to the contrary Gary. No evidence is what develops the faith beyond reason. Without appealing to total faith it would be just another passing religion. It is imperative there is no evidence. Evidence wouldn’t kill the religion, but it would kill the stupor of faith that has the world by the balls since its inception. We know how to fix our problems, but by faith we can excuse them through obedience over ethics.


    1. No evidence is what develops the faith beyond reason.

      But there is evidence, Jim!. This is the point.
      The evidence paints a completely different story to what the bible says.
      And it is evidence. Not the piss-willy garbage Christians try to pass off as evidence – which is simply claims; and erroneous claims at that.
      The video didn’t mention the Settlement Pattern identified by Finkelstein etc. But this has been known for decades.
      I’ll wager donuts to dollars that you’ll see very few Christians venture on to this post and argue for biblical accuracy (I doubt normal Christians would dare argue innerancy on this point).

      This is why the Exodus is a linchpin and the truth should be made known as widely as possible.

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      1. The evidence contrary to the Bible narrative will dissuade very few from faith, though it would in any real discipline. That’s the beauty of belief/faith, is it’s superior, numbing nature. You’ve seen the shifting goalposts and the handwoven-skirting of every topic for how long now?
        Something epic will have to happen. This piecemeal effort against religion is too slow, but whatever does happen it would likely only deepen the grip. Life isn’t good enough yet for people to leave faith, and it isn’t good enough because of that same faith. It’s a hard cycle to break.

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          1. Our reach is too scattered and too small. Some massive, collaborative effort and stick to exposing the crux of the entire delusion of belief. Belief itself.


  3. The Exodus story is bogus? Why, because you can’t find Moses shoelaces? Because there are no dead frog fossils? Because lying or unknown so-called archaeologists have said ‘there is no proof?’ Really, u going with that?

    The vid is embarrassingly comical in its arrogance of what the modernists ‘pretend to know.’

    The sheer fact alone that ‘nothing can be found’ proves the historical account as actual and factual.

    Do u ever consider your own claims? Do u ever consider that the Creator is more honest than you, and that He has no problem keeping His word?

    It was said that an army tank was found buried in 40 feet of sand decades later. This should concern you, for u are obviously looking for love in all the wrong places.

    But tell the truth, you find Christianity despicable/ not because you think the doctrines are untenable- but what scripture reveals about YOU.

    Sin isn’t a pretty word, and too bad you fell for the bait of pseudo science or that Adam never lived, Daniel never met a lion, and that David was never King.


    1. <

      blockquote>The Exodus story is bogus? Why, because you can’t find Moses shoelaces?/blockquote>
      Well, that sinks your argument then, doesn’t it?
      Moses would have worn sandals.


      1. And here I thought sarcasm could even be appreciated by the faithless.

        But I would refer you and the host here to Acts 7 in its historical accuracy/ and as to WHY the Exodus account is shunned by so-called scholars and seekers of the ‘ark of the covenant……………’

        But you are barking up the wrong tree. I say ‘show me the camel dung!’ There were no camels either!!!!!


          1. Hmmm. Interesting.
            I have already singularly dismantled the lack of claims you ask for- however- more odd is that you even care here- when at your place, I am……. nevermind


          1. Hi nan. Of course you would say that. But may I politely refer you to courthouses of any city which houses deeds and vital statistics?

            It is not a matter that the scriptural statistics are not accurate, but a matter of what scripture says regarding everything else that gets peoples goats.

            There is absolutely no reason to disbelieve the narrative, as there is no reason to believe it snowed 4 thousand years ago.

            And I will say that the scriptures are more credible than snow……………


  4. What does everyone think about the work of the Egyptologists, Kenneth Kitchen, and David Rohl in this regard? I only have a cursory knowledge of this, but the whole thing feels much more complex to me than just writing off all these events as mere myth. Kitchen is a Christian believer, but Rohl is an agnostic.

    But, again this is another one of these issues where depending on new discoveries being unearthed in the Middle East, the “assured results” of modern scholarship could change yet again within the decade.


    1. Kitchen is a fundamentalist Christian and has never produced a single piece of archaeological evidence to verify the biblical tale.
      The less said about Rohl the better.

      ,,,,the whole thing feels much more complex to me than just writing off all these events as mere myth.

      Why? The evidence already produced by the likes of Finkelstein, Dever, Herzog and a myriad of other archaeologists demonstrates that the Exodus is simply a tale and this has been known for decades.
      That you are ignorant of the facts suggests you have never cared to make any serious investigation of the matter.
      However, now that you are aware there is nothing stopping you from becoming a serious student. After all, the last thing you want is to believe a lie, am I right? And is it not said that the truth will set you free?

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  5. This nonsense is why I’m a Muslim and follow the Koran. It says right in the Book, “This Book is not to be doubted.” What more evidence can practitioners of false faiths, i.e., Christians, and heathens, i.e. atheists, need to see to understand reality?! $Amen$

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    1. Blind faith. Blind faith that divides people and causes intelligent people to commit horrific crimes against their fellow humans. No thanks!

      I prefer rational thinking based on evidence.

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  6. The supposed exodus happened during the reign of Rameses ii (the Great). It DID NOT happen. As far as I know, there were zero Jewish slaves, as the jewish religion as we know it at he beginning of the Common Era DID NOT EXIST. There were beginnings. The Torah/Tanach is a “history” of much of that development. There was trade. There were soldiers of fortune (who were enslaved) when they were defeated. Followers of Ahkhenaten also probably left if they did not wish to go back to worship the original gods after his death (remember, he was a son of Rameses). This is a gigantic foundational myth for the Hebrew people. That is its function. it was finally written down around 500 BCE. Of course it is a novel.

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