Silly Atheists. Until You Fully Understand Our Complicated Catholic Doctrines, You Should Not Criticize Them.

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Yes, I am a silly, ignorant atheist.  Since I do not understand the fine details of Catholic teachings such as “Hypostatic Union”  and “Incarnation”, I shouldn’t criticize them.  And I thought evangelical Protestants were full of themselves!

Check out how these very sophisticated Catholic Christian apologists attempt to demean and bully their way out of a corner regarding their ancient superstitions: here




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5 thoughts on “Silly Atheists. Until You Fully Understand Our Complicated Catholic Doctrines, You Should Not Criticize Them.

  1. This is what PZed has described as the “courtier’s response”. It’s harking back to “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. When the small child says “The Emperor is naked!” the courtiers respond that the child can’t possibly have a valid opinion about whether the Emperor is naked until they have a thorough understanding of his waistcoats, have put in years studying invisible Corinthian leather boots, and have taken an advanced degree in non-tangible fabrics and construction. Without all of that, they consider that he is simply unqualified to hold the opinion that the Emperor is indeed, naked. (Which he is.)

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  2. I see you found your way over to Strange Notions. There are a few characters over there that I find quite contemptible. Outshine the Sun is a blog where people frequently comment about what’s going on over at SN, without the fear of backlash.

    Have you had to deal with their absurd Thomistic metaphysics yet? Bonnette can be quite a pain with this drivel.

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    1. I refuse to get into the philosophical and theological weeds with theists. Instead I tell them: I do not need to understand one iota of philosophy or theology to reject your religion’s supernatural claims for the simple reason that there is no good evidence that the supernatural, if it exists at all, operates in our universe.


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