Were the Original Appearances of Jesus Based on Ghost Sightings?

Walking with Christ: Do you know the way to Emmaus? | United Methodist News  Service

Christian: I am stirred to comment on the extraordinary events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus taught a seven mile long Bible study with two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus and they did not recognize Him. Only when He blessed the supper and in the breaking of the bread did they suddenly recognize Him. Why then? I surmise that they saw the nail prints in His wrists. Oh its You!

Then again why did everyone have a hard time recognizing Him? Everyone close to Him did not recognize Him afterwards. There are prophecies that speak of His visage marred more than any man. Another speaks of His beard ripped out. Imagine that alone. Jesus was tortured horribly.

Could it be that Jesus still bears the scars of His sufferings? A clue to that is a verse in Revelations that speaks of a Lamb as if it was slain.
I remember Charles Wesley words ‘five bleeding wounds He bears, received on Calvary…forgive him, O forgive they cry, don’t let that ransomed sinner die”.

I think there may be more than five scar wounds that He still bears.

No one recognized Him because He still bears the scars of His suffering for us” is a thought that has gripped my heart recently. Oh that I may know Him.

Gary: If you are correct that Jesus’ glorified, heavenly body retained the scars of his earthly life and death—and Paul was correct that believers will be raised in the same manner as Christ—what does that say for Christian soldiers blown to bits in battle or those Christians whose bodies have been severely mangled in auto accidents? Will they too spend eternity with scarred and disfigured “heavenly” bodies? Sounds awful. The streets of heaven will be a non-stop horror show.

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I will bet that there is another reason why the earliest accounts of Jesus sightings involve his followers not recognizing him. The original “sightings” of Jesus involved illusions (shadows, bright lights, or other natural phenomena which the followers of Jesus mistook as appearances of their back-from-the-dead leader). In other words, the original Jesus sightings involved ghost sightings. Only in later Gospels did the authors attempt to “flesh out” these ghosts, giving Jesus the ability to be touched and to eat broiled fish.

These stories are clearly works of apologetics which evolved over time. These are NOT historically reliable accounts. No rational person should base his or her entire life and worldview on fantastical tall tales taken from historically unreliable ancient texts.






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One thought on “Were the Original Appearances of Jesus Based on Ghost Sightings?

  1. The Emmaus Road Story is a wonderful tale but step back for a moment and take a look at it with a skeptical mind: Why didn’t the disciples recognize Jesus? Did Jesus disguise himself? If so, why? If we are to believe the same gospel author, Jesus appeared to these same two disciples (and the Twelve) later that same day without a disguise. Sounds contrived to me.

    And what about the fact that not one other Gospel author mentions this appearance? Matthew doesn’t. John doesn’t. And these two guys were (allegedly) part of the Twelve! This is one of the first appearances of the resurrected Jesus, Creator and Lord of the universe, and Matthew and John don’t feel it warrants mention in their Gospels?? Didn’t fit with their “theme”? I don’t buy it.

    I will bet that this entire story is pure fiction. It was invented for theological purposes. It was invented to teach Christians that they should be on their guard at all times: Jesus is everywhere! Jesus is listening and watching everything you do.

    Like many tall tales, there may be a kernel of truth to the Emmaus Road Story. It is entirely possible that there was a “sighting” on the Emmaus Road. Someone saw a bright light or a shadow and believed it to be an appearance of “their Lord”. And like all ghost stories, this tale spread like wild fire and took on a life of its own. Eventually, a full dialogue between the humans and the ghost was added.

    These stories are not historically reliable, folks. Read and enjoy them for their rich literary value, but don’t read them as historical facts. There is no good evidence that the supernatural operates within our universe.

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