I am an ex-Cult member…of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. And I intend to expose this judgmental, hateful Cult.

Have you ever listened to a cult member being interviewed by a news reporter?  In the spotlight of the press, how many cult members will admit that they are members of a cult? 

Answer:  None!  They all state that their church is just your typical, traditional Christian church, with a few new interpretations of the Bible.  That’s all…folks!

So how can you find out if they really are members of a cult.  Here’s how:  Don’t listen to what they say under the spotlight, listen to what they say when they don’t think that the world is listening.  In today’s internet age, you don’t need a hidden microphone to find this information out.  Just go onto the blog of the “Church” in question and see what the pastors and followers of that church say in the comment sections of their denomination’s blogs and websites.  The “posts” may be squeaky clean, but you see the true character of the pastors, followers, and Church in the comments.

So what would you think about a “Church” that claims to be a mainstream Christian denomination, but its pastors lurk on the internet using fake names?  Wouldn’t you want to know why they were using fake names?  Are they hiding something?  Are they saying something in private anonymity, that they wouldn’t dare say in public? 

So why are LCMS pastors lurking on the internet, engaging in juvenile food fights over the silliest of issues, but worse, engaging in the most vile hate speech against gay and lesbian Americans?  Here are two LCMS pastors engaged in this activity:  Eric Ash of Beaver Falls, Pa, lurking as “Pastor Eric” and most shocking of all—Paul T. McCain, a top official of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, lurking as “Amsdorf”???

Can you imagine the Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter lurking on the internet using false identities to hide their true beliefs???

Jesus must be rolling over in his grave!


One thought on “I am an ex-Cult member…of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. And I intend to expose this judgmental, hateful Cult.

  1. I am an ex-LCMS cult member, too … raised as a child in the leadership, now atheist and not communicating with anyone still in it. I am writing a book which describes childhood and young adulthood here (not the main focus of the book), creative non-fiction. My favorite quote from my parents is, “you don’t get between me and my religion or you’ll lose every time.” And they taught parenting classes!!!

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