If the Truths of Christianity Can Only Be Discerned with the Help of the Holy Spirit, Who Needs Evidence?

The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

–Paul of Tarsus

Christian: The true Word of God needs to be revealed and discerned by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit only comes to those with INTEGRITY. People who read the Bible with an intellectual predisposition– will never hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Gary: This is why debating most Christians regarding the historical evidence for the authorship of the Gospels, the divine inspiration of the New Testament, and in particular, the bodily resurrection of Jesus, is an absolute waste of time. Why? Answer: Most Christians do not believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior based on historical evidence. Most Christians believe based on the subjective perception that the resurrected Jesus (or his mother, if they are Catholic) listens to their mental telepathy transmissions (prayers) to him/her and that he/she performs magic tricks (miracles) for them. These magic tricks run the gamut, from supernaturally induced health recoveries to supernatural crises interventions, such as preventing car accidents, bodily injuries, and even death.

But if the being with whom you are allegedly engaging in mental telepathy is invisible, inaudible, and untouchable, how can you know for sure that this being isn’t just a figment of your imagination?

And if everything that happens in your life is chalked up to “God’s will”, how could this belief system ever be falsified?

Scenario #1: Grandma gets really sick. She is diagnosed with pneumonia. Everyone prays for her. If she subsequently recovers, “Jesus answered our prayers!” If she gets worse and dies, “It was the Lord’s will to take here ‘home’ “.

Scenario #2: Bob and Jenny, both faithful Christian believers in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, are in a serious car accident. If both survive unscratched, “It is an amazing miracle of Jesus!” If one or both are seriously injured and have a long, painful recovery, the focus is then on the “miracle” that the Lord was merciful and spared their lives. If Bob, Jenny, or both die, “it was the Lord’s will to take them ‘home’ “.

So even though it is entirely possible that Jesus is dead and that no god or gods is listening to or intervening in the lives of these people, if whatever happens is “God’s will”, this belief system is bulletproof from ever being disproven.

No matter what they say, Christianity is not rational.










End of post.


6 thoughts on “If the Truths of Christianity Can Only Be Discerned with the Help of the Holy Spirit, Who Needs Evidence?

  1. “People who read the Bible with an intellectual predisposition– will never hear the voice of [God].”

    And what stops a Muslim from saying something analogous about the Quran, or a Hindu about the Vedas? In my experience statements like this are put forward for two reasons:
    1. To give the believer a defense against those who read and do not accept the nonsense of the religion being put forward. No matter how honestly the disbeliever investigates, if they come away with a different conclusion they must be wrong.
    2. To reassure the believer that they have chosen correctly.

    As you indicate, this is to make the statement bulletproof. “They refuse to believe because their heart is too hard, but I have got it correct.”


  2. This is the typical fly-back from those who have never really take the time to dig around in the evidences that are out there. Most want the evidence spoon-fed to them, of which most would continue in their unbelief, so it’s a wasted effort on our part. Truth be told, most have pre-conceived beliefs about it all that can never be moved. Even if the Lord appeared in the sky for all to see today, most would continue in their rejection of Him. However, there is one coming who will do things that will woo the masses, and they will follow him, even after he declares himself to be god. Him you will follow. You may not have to wait very long for him to be revealed. The Jews and Muslims are waiting for him.


    1. Ohhhh dear! I’m shaking in my boots! Such a dire warning!

      swordman, IF the A/C that you “subtly” reference actually existed and IF you truly knew what the bible says about him, you would not be so confident in your predictions, but rather would be examining your own life.

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    2. Ok. What is the strongest evidence for your belief that Jesus of Nazareth is still alive and omnipotent ruler of the universe? Let’s both try to look at this “strongest evidence” with objectivity and using critical thinking skills. What do you say?


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