Is the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod a Cult?


Ted Luebkeman, a Christian reader of this blog:

You don’t know what you are talking about [in reference to my claim under a previous post that the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is a cult]. A cult looks at itself as the only vehicle for salvation. This is not and has never been the position of the LCMS nor any other conservative, orthodox or traditional Christian denomination. The LCMS and other more conservative Lutheran groups are not “fundamentalist.” No Lutheran, conservative or not, can be “fundamentalist.”


If you believe that others must believe like you or face eternal physical and/or mental torture for their unbelief, then you are a member of a cult. Period.

Conservative Lutheranism is simply a subset of the larger cult of conservative Christianity, a cult which teaches that those who reject Jesus of Nazareth, a delusional first century peasant, as their Lord and Master, are doomed to an eternity of some form of unpleasant punishment.

Eternal punishment for thought crimes! How disgusting.

Conservative Lutherans are fundamentalist in the sense that they believe that they alone possess the ultimate truth; that non-conservative Lutherans and all other Christians and non-Christians are not only wrong but sinful (evil, wicked) for their lack of proper belief; in need of repentance; deserving of divine punishment; and unworthy of “full fellowship”. When Muslims hold similar views the news media refers to them as “fundamentalists”. Therefore, when Christians, whether they be Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox, hold similar views and behaviors regarding Christianity, they should likewise be referred to as “fundamentalists”.

I remember attending an LCMS service in which several former Presbyterians who wished to join my LCMS parish as members were made to undergo a ceremony in front of the entire congregation in which they were instructed to kneel before the Lutheran pastor and publicly repent of their “heretical” Reformed beliefs. In addition, teenagers undergoing confirmation in my LCMS church were required to pledge their loyalty to the Lutheran Church even under the threat of death.

That is a fundamentalist cult, folks!







End of post.

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