Trust in Soap, Not in Jesus

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I’m still waiting for Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, or one of the other peddlers of religious superstitions to blame the coronavirus pandemic on sin.  The purveyors of religion have been blaming sinful behavior as the cause of natural disasters and plagues since the beginning of time.

But it will be difficult for the purveyors of fear to blame this pandemic on sin.  After all, it is the most religious age groups in our societies that are being the most severely affected—the older generations.  Survey after survey has demonstrated that although the younger generations are leaving religion in droves, the elderly by and large still cling to their “faith”.

In addition, it is not just that the older, more religious members of our societies are being the most severely affected by this pandemic.  Currently, this deadly plague is concentrated in some of the most devoutly Christian countries on the planet (Italy, Spain, and the United States).

Where’s Jesus?

Trust in soap, my friends, not in Jesus.





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One thought on “Trust in Soap, Not in Jesus

  1. You must not be following the news very closely. Several Christian extremists have come forward to blame the pandemic on atheists, those with “teh gay,” fornicators, and whoever else they don’t care for. Evidently, their “god” is using it to punish sinners much like any natural disaster.


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