Franklin Graham Calls On Americans to Accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior during Coronavirus Pandemic

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Did you see the ad on TV today?  Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, has an ad out calling on Americans to pray to Jesus, asking him to come into their hearts to be their Lord and Savior during the coronavirus pandemic.

How disgusting.

But religionists have been doing this for millennia:  Playing on people’s fears to lure them into their superstitious cults.  When human beings are afraid, they seek comfort.  Unfortunately, many humans still find comfort in ancient tales of invisible superheroes coming to their rescue—coming to their rescue if they bend the knee to them, or more accurately, bend the knee to their earthly underlings such as Graham, other tele-evangelists, priests, pastors, mullahs, etc…

Jesus (Allah, Lord Krishna, etc.) is not going to help you in this crisis, people of the world.  Science is the best source of information and comfort.  Abandon your superstitions.  Invisible superheroes are not coming to the rescue.  Arm yourselves with science.

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5 thoughts on “Franklin Graham Calls On Americans to Accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior during Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Oh? I had no idea Yeshua bar Yosef had become a Nobel Prize winning Epidemiologist! WOW! 😲

    Now I just need his phone number so he’ll come help much of the world, especially religious Americans, understand the full meaning of “Flattening the Curve” of a pandemic and teach them everything about Virology. 😄🙄


  2. The universe was created by a cosmic sorcerer who created everything out of nothing, who hates gays and thinks women are little more than servants, if not slaves. That is the “God” Franklin Graham serves. And his response to the pandemic: “Pray and send me money.”

    Ummm… No thanks.

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