Jesus Wasn’t Very Nice

Trinitarian Christians (the overwhelming majority of the world’s Christians) believe that Jesus and the god of the Old Testament are one and the same. If true, Jesus wasn’t very nice. In fact, if Jesus is the god of the OT, Jesus is a brutal, baby-slaughtering bastard.

A smart Christian apologist will weasel out of this corner by saying that atheists cannot condemn the morality of the Christian god because atheists cannot appeal to any objective standard of morality. I know that some atheists think they can prove that they do, but Christians don’t buy these arguments.

However, if the skeptic takes the deistic position that our creator, whomever he or she was, instilled in every human being a core set of objective moral standards (which Christian apologists also believe), the Christian apologist cannot use this dodge. He is stuck defending his god’s violation of our creator’s most basic objective moral standards, proving that his god, Yahweh/Jesus the Christ, cannot be the creator.

I would love to hear any Christian apologist’s good counter argument…if there is one.







End of post.

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