You Don’t Believe in God??

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If you are an atheist, I’m sure you have been asked the above question many times after informing your interlocuter that you are an atheist.  The person asking the question typically looks at you as if he or she thinks you are completely insane.

My favorite response is:  No.  I’m not superstitious.

What is your favorite response to this question?  Please post it in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “You Don’t Believe in God??

  1. Actually, one of my favorite versions of this discussion happened when my oldest daughter was a teenager. She had a friend over, a Fundamentalist Lutheran. The friend was asking us about this non-religious thing, and asked if we believed in god. On hearing that no, we didn’t, her follow-up question was just priceless: “Then who do you pray to?” She had been so indoctrinated that “not praying” had never crossed her mind as an option.

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  2. I’m not a cultist and I don’t Play Pretend just to fit in. And God doesn’t need me telling him what to do, he already knows everything and will do whatever he’s going to do whether I like it or not.


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