Christian Pastor Prays the Coronavirus into Submission

Trust science, folks, not the incantations of the superstitious.








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4 thoughts on “Christian Pastor Prays the Coronavirus into Submission

  1. This guy is nuts … and unfortunately, he’s not the only one.

    Even if there was a god and even if he could heal people, I somehow doubt he would use people like this to do it through a TV screen.


  2. This Kenneth Copeland nut is praying (really preying) on gullible Charismatic and Pentecostal Christians with his delusions. He knows that both Christians and non-Christians are likely to get this virus if they come into contact with someone whose infected and that God has no more power to protect Christians than others.

    Instead of seeking medical help urgently, this religious nutter pretends that he can cast out this disease. People relying on him are on dangerous ground, particularly if they are elderly or have one or more serious medical conditions and contract the virus through contact with someone who has it. Their probability of dying from this virus will rise.

    Copeland won’t take any responsibility for his utter nonsense. All he seems to be interested in is making profits from this pandemic.


      1. He sure is! He’s one of many snakes, as you well know. The only possible healing taking place with some of these charlatans is psychosomatic. There has never been a verified case of organic healing, so isn’t it more probable that the ancient miraculous healings attributed to Jesus were legendary accretions to the Jesus story, given that the Gospels were written some 40-70 years after Jesus’ death.


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