If God Wanted Us To Know the Date of The Resurrection, We Would!

Gary: On what date did the Resurrection occur? Thanks.

Scott, Christian blog author: Hello Gary, Using Daniel’s Seventy Weeks it seems like April 5 A.D. 33 is the date of Jesus’s resurrection.

Gary: “It seems” sounds like you are guessing.

Three hours of total darkness, a great earthquake, the veil of the Holy of Holies rips down the middle, angels descend from heaven to appear to and talk to several people, dozens if not hundreds of graves are shaken open, the dead in those graves come back to life and walk the streets of a major city of the Roman empire, God the Creator rises from the dead and appears to over 500 people, often in large groups and then levitates into the clouds in front of one of those groups…yet… no one bothered to record the date of this earth-shattering event. Don’t you find that odd?

Scott: Yes, I said “seems,” because we don’t know for sure. Here’s one article on a site I trust explaining the dilemma: How is the date for Easter determined?.

The date of Jesus’s resurrection is insignificant, compared to the reality of the Resurrection. If God wanted us to know the date, we would. What matters is that it happened versus when it happens.

Gary: Christians don’t know the exact date or even the year of the birth of their Lord and Savior, the King of Kings, the ruler of the universe? Mary, his mother, either didn’t bother to tell anyone in the Church, the Church didn’t find his birth date that important and forgot, or she forgot. All of those options seems very unlikely. If the Romans could remember the exact birthdates of their kings (Caesars), I would think Christians would consider it important to remember theirs.

But maybe you are right. Maybe Jesus’ birth date is not important. But surely the exact date of his death and resurrection would be remembered, right? But, no. Christians do not know the dates of these two events either. They are forced to guess. Why?

We are not talking about the Stone Age. People kept records in the first century. Christians claim that first century Jews were meticulous record keepers. Allegedly they remembered several of Jesus’ very long sermons word for word and recorded them in the Gospels. So are we really to believe that these meticulous record keepers forgot to record the birthdate, date of death, and most importantly of all, the date of the Resurrection??? Come on, Scott. If any other religion made such fantastical claims about their god, but couldn’t provide records that demonstrate the exact year of these alleged events, you would laugh and hand wave away their preposterous claims. Why would you do that? Answer: Because their story has all the markings of a legend!

So why do you believe these Christian stories? They too have all the markings of legends. Jesus may well have existed, but the stories about him found in the Gospels are most likely legends (tall tales).

Just say NO to superstitions!








End of post.

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