If the Apostles Faithfully Passed Down The Jesus Story, Why Did They Forget the Date of the Resurrection?

How odd.

Conservative Christians tell us that the apostles, the original followers of Jesus, carefully preserved the words and deeds of Jesus. Two of the apostles authored two of the Gospels and two close associates of the apostles wrote the other two Gospels. John Mark, the author of the first Gospel, received his information directly from Jesus’ chief disciple, Peter. And Luke the physician, the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts, received his information directly from the Apostle Paul.

Wow. That’s pretty good eyewitness testimony, isn’t it?

But something is odd, friends. Very odd. In all this eyewitness testimony, everyone forgot to write down the date of the greatest event to occur in human history: the resurrection from the dead of Jesus, the Creator of the universe!


Why would a group of people who meticulously recorded the words and deeds of Jesus forget the date of his resurrection? It just doesn’t make sense. Were they idiots? Were they complete morons? Yes, most of them were “unlearned” fishermen, but at least one of them was a tax collector and literate; he (allegedly) wrote the Gospel of Matthew. Aren’t tax collectors known for being meticulous about recording important dates and facts? But, nope. No one recorded the date or even the year of this earth-shattering event.

Conclusion: The Resurrection is a legend. A tall tale.









End of post.

7 thoughts on “If the Apostles Faithfully Passed Down The Jesus Story, Why Did They Forget the Date of the Resurrection?

  1. Possible Christians responses to the question: Why don’t Christians know the date of the Resurrection?

    After the Resurrection, the disciples were more concerned with evangelization than record keeping.

    My response: So you admit that the disciples were not good record keepers. What does that say for the historical accuracy of the Gospels?

    Of course the original disciples knew the date of the Resurrection, but later generations forgot it.

    My response: Why would later generations of Christians lose track of the most important date in human history? That makes no sense.

    The disciples were illiterate fisherman. They were therefore unable to record the date. After their martyrdom, the date was lost to Antiquity.

    My response: Seriously? We are expected to believe that the disciples of Jesus remembered and passed down to the authors of the Gospels entire sermons, such as Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, but they couldn’t remember the date or even the year of the most important event in their lives; the most important event in human history–the Resurrection?

    Give us a break! The fact that the date of the Resurrection was not recorded is very strong evidence that the Resurrection is a legend, not an historical event.

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    1. You are very good at making accusations, but not so good at providing evidence to support those accusations. Which logical fallacies? Be specific.

      Why did Christians forget the date of the greatest event in human history?


  2. Just came across this quote in an article by Dave Madison over on the DC website. Had Jesus knocked on Pilate’s door on Easter Sunday we might have had a Roman account, which may have given us more to go on that just stories by people already in the cult:

    “ Indeed, why didn’t Jesus knock on Pilate’s door on that first Easter morning: “Hi, it’s me again!” That would have increased the chances that there would a Roman record of the resurrection. If god’s motivation had been to save as many people as possible, why make belief dependent on such feeble accounts that ended up in the New Testament? ”


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    1. But God wants you to believe by faith, Epicurus, not by overwhelming evidence shoved in our face. And if you don’t buy that one: “God’s ways are not our ways.”

      But we don’t need to appeal to “God’s ways” to note the absence of any human being recording the date of the most shocking, earth-shattering event in human history. Are we really to believe that all these fantastical supernatural signs occurred at the moment that the Creator God rose from the dead…and no one remembered the date of this event???

      Bottom line: This story has all the markings of a legend. If any other religion claimed that their god rose from the dead, appeared to multiple people including large crowds, and caused three hours of darkness and dozens if not hundreds of dead people to be shaken out of their graves by a great earthquake, Christians would howl with laughter at the gullibility of these people. Yet they themselves buy a similar preposterous tall tale…hook, line, and sinker.


      1. A but off topic here, but funny how we are always told we have to believe by faith, yet all the disciples (according to the story) got to actually see Jesus resurrected (except Judas of course). Paul had his freewill and chance to believe by faith violated by his Damascus Road experience. The Gospels and Acts tell of miracles left and right along with signs and wonders. All that should have been eliminated so people could believe by faith. Because that what we (everyone after the first century) get – a bunch of contradictory, mutually exclusive accounts of what happened, yet we are supposed to believe by faith.


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