Christians Have Zero Credible Eyewitness Statements to the Alleged Resurrection

Conservative Christian: You subjectively deny the testimonial evidence of over 300 witnesses who saw Christ Jesus alive, drinking and eating with them, and nobody to date has proven that the Roman soldiers had no idea what death looks like, especially given the “swooning” theory in the midst of the testimony that the soldiers pierced His side up into the heart sack (proving He was dead).

So, try if you can, to disprove eyewitness testimony that most rational people accept at varying levels of trust. The testimony of Christ’s resurrection has a level of consistency across enough witnesses to render your doubts as being more irrational than rational.

What say you?

Gary: Christians love to claim that they have eyewitness testimony from multiple eyewitnesses to multiple alleged sightings of a resurrected Jesus. But do they? Just because someone claims to be an eyewitness doesn’t mean they are. Just because someone claims to possess an eyewitness statement from an eyewitness doesn’t mean they do.

Certain criteria must be met to consider someone’s testimony as “eyewitness testimony”:

(1) The identity of the alleged witness can be verified.
(2) The alleged witness can provide the date or approximate date of the event in question.
(3) The alleged witness can provide an oral or written statement as to what he or she saw.
(4) Third parties can verify that the oral or written statement presented actually comes from the witness and that there has been no opportunity for the testimony to have been edited, supplemented, or invented by someone else.
(5) The eyewitness status of the alleged eyewitness is not contradicted by strong evidence presented by experts (for instance, if experts can provide strong evidence that the alleged eyewitness was 1,000 miles away when the event took place, that greatly weakens the witness’ claim that he is an eyewitness).

The resurrection and post-death appearance stories in the Gospels do no meet these very basic standards for eyewitness testimony.

Mormonism has much better eyewitness testimony, by far, than traditional Christianity. At least Mormons have multiple persons, whose identities are unquestioned, who signed legal documents (affidavits) claiming to have witnessed a supernatural event. THAT is eyewitness testimony, in sharp contrast to the collection of rumors and hearsay found in the Gospels.

Christians are unable to provide any credible eyewitness testimony of anyone in the first century claiming to have seen the walking, talking, broiled-fish eating resurrected corpse of Jesus of Nazareth. The Resurrection Story is a tall tale started by a small group of superstitious first century peasants that has mushroomed into the most widely believed superstition in human history.








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3 thoughts on “Christians Have Zero Credible Eyewitness Statements to the Alleged Resurrection

  1. “over 300 witnesses who saw Christ Jesus alive…”

    It’s amazes me that there were so many supposed witnesses to this incredible event, yet we know the identity of virtually none of these people. You’d think that a bigger deal would have been made about this, and we’d know more about them.

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    1. Yes, and it is even more amazing that the early Christians wouldn’t record the date on which this earth-shattering event occurred. Are we really to believe that God himself was publicly crucified and three days later exited his sealed grave and appeared to his followers (and dead saints were shaken out of their tombs to roam the streets of Jerusalem)—but no-one bothered to record the date???

      It is a rumor, folks. A legend. This event did not happen…either that or the people involved were complete idiots.

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