Don’t Blame Jesus if You Wake Up in Hell. It’s Your Fault

Christian: Punishment is not what Christianity is about. What the Bible teaches is where sin is placed; who it is that is responsible for sin. Those who choose to try and pay for their own sins will spend an eternity trying to do so. Those who place their faith in Jesus Christ, those who trust in him, will receive release from the penalty of their sin since He paid for their sins on the cross.

Now, yes, there are some who choose to not believe. We all have the freedom to choose which path to take. God doesn’t cast anyone into Hell. It’s a choice, and a very simple one.

Gary: But who is it that will “cast” me and other nonbelievers into Hell? Will I willingly jump into Hell by my own choice? I don’t think so. Someone is going to have to push me. Who will that be?

Think about this, my Christian friend: How would a court of law (and the court of public opinion) react to the following hypothetical situation:

One day I tell my wife: “Honey, I love you more than anything in the world. But if you ever reject me and leave me, I will tie you up and throw you into a pit of fire to be burned alive. I won’t want to do it. It will break my heart. But it will be your fault, not mine. You made the choice to be burned alive.”

No one with a reasonable, rational mind is going to accept the argument that it was my wife’s choice and fault to be burned alive. It is an outrageous argument! It is an horrific example of blaming the victim.

Yet Christians use the same irrational, despicable logic to justify the horrific behavior of their god, Jesus the Christ, who casts non-Christians into a lake of fire.

No one deserves to be burned alive. Even if there is no burning in Hell, as some Christians assert, no one deserves eternal punishment of any kind.

And, absolutely no one deserves to be punished for what they believe. No one. Jesus is the evil-doer if Hell is real, not the non-believer!

(Thankfully, dear Readers, Jesus the resurrected Christ does not exist. He is nothing more than an ancient superstition. No one needs to worry about Hell.)









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20 thoughts on “Don’t Blame Jesus if You Wake Up in Hell. It’s Your Fault

  1. Yes, I’ve observed how paintings and overzealous translations seem to always convey the extremes of actions when it comes to Hell and such. The Greek in that passage for what is translated as “cast” is G906. It has various descriptive definitions, and that the artist chose the more violent action in his own mind, regardless of God’s love for all. Those who go to what is called “Hell” is the place of their choosing.

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        1. Sorry I didn’t get back to you on that other post, but life has a way of keeping one from priorities that are not as important as career.

          Immoral? That sounds highly subjective, and therefore not at all applicable as anything that should be taken seriously.


          1. No, as a deist I believe in objective morality and your god is objectively one of the most immoral gods ever worshipped on planet earth!

            How can you worship a god whose hands drip with the blood of tens of thousands of murdered Amalekite, Midianite, and Canaanite children?

            How can you worship a god who allows 17,000 children under the age of five to starve to death each and every day, year after year, decade after decade all for the ridiculous “crime” committed by their ancient ancestors of eating your god’s forbidden fruit?

            How much more immoral can any being be?

            And what does it say about your morality, Swordman, that you worship and condone the barbaric, sadistic behavior of such a being?


        1. Swordman: Muslims believe there is a Muslim Hell to which God condemns unbelievers and infidels. Fundamentalist Muslims believe that Christians like you will burn forever in the Muslim Hell. Aren’t you worried about that?

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          1. Very true, Gary. Muslims, Hindus and all other religions have their beliefs. The cacophony of clamorings are by design. Bringing them into the mix does indeed present one with the problem of sifting through them all to find the one gem. However, bringing up Islam is an interesting anomaly when we consider the character of their god, which is a character not much worthy of consideration. Their god doesn’t have a problem with them hiding behind a rock and robbing another so long as that other isn’t a follower of their god. They can rape and pillage other peoples who they consider infidels, and torture those they consider their enemies.

            If you want to join them, then go for it. It’s not much different from where you are right now.


            1. Why do you assume there is “one gem,” when there could be no gems? This is at the sifting stage, before you even know if there are any gems.

              Why do you dismiss Allah because of his character in which he allows his followers to rape and pillage, but when Yahweh orders the genocide of the Amalekites, etc., that somehow doesn’t reflect on Yahweh’s character?

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            2. They [Muslims] can rape and pillage other peoples who they consider infidels, and torture those they consider their enemies.

              The Christian Bible, Numbers 31: And Moses said, “Have you allowed all the women to live?” 16 “They were the ones who followed Balaam’s advice and enticed the Israelites to be unfaithful to the Lord in the Peor incident, so that a plague struck the Lord’s people. 17 Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.

              Summary: Moses instructed the soldiers to kill all Midianite women who had ever had sex with a man, and to keep the women and girls who were still virgins for themselves. The spoils of war were then divided between the Israelite civilians, soldiers and the God of Israel, Yahweh. The Christian god allowed the Israelites to rape and enslave thousands of Midianite teenage virgin girls. What a sicko!

              Why would you worship such a pervert???


  2. It is impossible for God to be all knowing, all powerful, and omnibenevolent, while simultaneously getting a free pass for anyone who ends up in hell.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens without God knowing what is going to transpire, and having the power to stop/change that outcome. Every outcome that happens must, by definition, be exactly the outcome God wanted otherwise God would have done things differently. So why is there hell? It’s effectively the problem of evil applied to hell.

    Eternal punishment, no matter the “crime”, becomes infinite punishment for “sin” against a being that cannot (by definition) be harmed in the first place. As you say Gary, nobody deserves such a fate. Even worse is to be judged that you should be able to get a free-pass from suffering this fate because you accepted some cockamamie story about some guy dying for you that somehow absolves you of whatever wrongs you’ve done.

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    1. Herald, that’s an interesting comment. Unless one i[s] actually [a] deity, or close to that level, how can one know that it’s impossible to be all knowing, all powerful? I don’t recall the Bible saying anything about omnibenevolent. Where did that come from, and where is it defined apart from an internalized, subjective system of thought and belief?


        1. You have already expressed your desire to believe in the fairy tale of nothing creating everything. You’re left with the vast complexities of nature arising from mere chance, never minding that the mathematical evidence says otherwise. What else can anyone say? Constantly raising the bar of your acceptance to levels beyond the range of any evidence to get across to you, that’s self-defeating. Such a myopic, solipsist and ossified adherence to what nobody can possibly defend at any level of conviction, that has to leave one with leucocholy in relation to life, logic and ethics. How sad indeed.


          1. Oh this is rich! Such a myopic, solipsist and ossified adherence to what nobody can possibly defend at any level of conviction … . I wonder who the people are that do this? Perhaps those who believe in unseen entities said to exist … somewhere?


  3. Silence…

    Our Christian apologist has no good retort to my deism-based criticisms of Christianity!

    And that is the beauty of Deism: A deistic position, which acknowledges the existence of a creator and acknowledges the existence of objective morality, forces the Christian to defend the immorality of the Christian god, the immorality of the Christian holy book (the Bible), and the immorality of the entire Christian belief system. It is an impossible task! It is impossible because the brutal, sadistic, self-absorbed behavior and attitude of the Christian god violates the moral standard of every modern human society, a moral standard which deists, in agreement with theists, believe derives from our creator…our true creator.

    Die-hard atheists will see my adoption of the deistic worldview as either a cop-out or a lie, but they are wrong.

    My belief in the historicity of the Big Bang as the starting point of our universe has never changed since I deconverted from Christianity. The question is: What caused the Big Bang? Some hard atheists will claim that our universe exploded out of nothing. But how do they know? They don’t. No one knows the answer to this question. Therefore, until science discovers the answer, I choose to believe that our universe was most probably created by an intelligent creator, based on the evidence of the orderliness of the universe and the existence of a basic morality among most human societies. Can I prove it? No. But hard atheists cannot disprove it.

    I choose to believe in an intelligent creator because it is the most rational, defensible position at this point in human history, in my opinion. It is also the best position with which to defeat the contorted, immoral arguments of Christian apologists.

    So who do I believe is our creator? Answer: No idea! However, the evidence is pretty clear: whoever she was, she is dead.


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