New Judean Cult Promotes Ritual Cannibalism!

Preuters News Agency

Rome, 11 July, 64 CE

Reports are coming in from all over the empire of a new religious cult which practices mock cannibalism. The cult originated in Judea during the reign of Pontius Pilate but over the last three decades has spread to Egypt, Asia Minor, Greece, and is now here in Rome. The cult’s beliefs center around the worship of their deceased leader, one Jesus of Galilee, a convicted criminal executed by Pilate for sedition against Caesar Tiberius. His followers refer to him as “the Christ”, a god, who three days after his public execution allegedly rose from the dead, appeared in a supernaturally-empowered body to some of his followers, and currently sits on a golden throne somewhere beyond the stars and planets. Some in the cult claim this “Christ” to be the creator of the universe!

The primary ritual of this cult is to participate in a mock act of cannibalism. During the ritual, a solemn, magical incantation is said over a plate of ordinary bread and a cup of ordinary wine which the cult members believe are instantaneously transformed into the actual flesh and blood of their dear departed leader. Once the magical incantation has ended, cult members feast on what they believe to be their leader’s body and blood. They believe that they drink “his blood” and eat “his flesh” for the forgiveness of their “sins”. Cult members believe that the blood of their leader, shed on a Roman cross of execution, channels mystical powers which appease the righteous anger of the Judean god, Yahweh, who will then grant them eternal life.

Human sacrifice and cannibalism were outlawed in the Roman Empire by a senatorial decree in 97 BCE.

Is this cult simply a collection of misfits and unstable, superstitious minds from the poorer classes or is this movement something much more nefarious? Is this cult a cover for an uprising against Rome?

Their central message is: “Repent. The new kingdom is at hand!”

Do these “Christians” seek to replace the civilized Greco-Roman culture with the backward, savage practices of their barbarian ancestors?

Is Rome in danger? Roman officials across the Empire are deeply concerned.






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5 thoughts on “New Judean Cult Promotes Ritual Cannibalism!

  1. This makes me think of a book on my ever growing to-read list: “The Christians As The Romans saw them” by Robert Louis Wilken


      1. Why did people believe Nero’s claim that Christians had set fire to Rome?

        Answer: Christians believed some pretty far out stuff. They were seen as fanatics and loons.


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