Is the Evidence for Mormonism Better Than the Evidence for Christianity, Part IV

An appearance of the angel Moroni to Joseph Smith

Christian: Again, [your argument] fails to address the issue. There are some things that can only be known through revelation. Large-scale historical events do not belong in that category. Therefore a claim about large-scale historical events which cannot be corroborated by contemporary records or archaeological investigation automatically arouses suspicion. This is not analogous to claims about the divine status of Jesus (which only revelation could reveal) or something like the virgin birth (which could not be a matter of public knowledge). Nor is the Mormon “history” of the Americas prophecy. It is a claim about things which have supposedly already happened. You keep offering fallacious analogies.

And, again, Joseph Smith’s witnesses simply don’t count. Metal plates can exist without divine intervention, so it would prove nothing if other people saw them. And since they are no longer available for inspection, we have no reason to think there was anything special about them. The central point remains: Joseph Smith’s followers cannot corroborate what we need them to corroborate.

Mary Magdalene Hears Christ's Voice
An appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene

Gary: The absence of archaeological evidence for Smith’s account of ancient sea-faring Jews settling North America IS comparable to the lack of archaeological evidence for the Jewish-Christian claim of a mass Hebrew Exodus from Egypt over a thousand years ago, an event Jesus inferred by his statements about Moses and his observance of Passover was a real historical event. So both men made claims about alleged events hundreds of years in the past which modern archaeology says did not occur. There is not one trace of evidence for the Mormon claim or the Jewish-Christian claim, at least according to the overwhelming majority of archaeologists.

Now, please address the topic of this post: Why are you using a different standard of evidence for the alleged supernatural appearances of Jesus and the alleged supernatural appearances of the angel Moroni? You forget that four men (Smith and three witnesses) claimed to have seen the angel Moroni at one time and place! Since we can verify the historicity of these four men, and can only do so for ONE of the Christian witnesses to Jesus appearances (Paul), the Mormon evidence is stronger. If you cannot admit that, it must be due to a bias, my friend.

The evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus is poor. Disputed authorship. Disputed eyewitness testimony. Disputed empty tomb. One does not need to appeal to extra-ordinary evidence to reject this fantastical claim, and that is exactly why the overwhelming majority of the world’s non-Christians, theist and non-theist, say this belief has insufficient evidence to believe it.





End of post.

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