Why Don’t Christians Invoke a Supernatural Cause for Bank Robberies?

Bank vault - Wikipedia

Christian apologists are outraged and appalled when skeptics dismiss the bodily resurrection of Jesus as improbable. They insist that there is no rational reason why we should exclude supernatural causes for the empty tomb of Jesus or for the development of the first century Resurrection Belief in our probability calculations. Yet, how often do Christians invoke a supernatural cause for bank robberies, murders, rapes, kidnappings, or even for their missing keys?

Hello? Police Department? I believe I have the solution to the recent bank robbery: Demons did it! Hello? Hello??


Your Honor, I intend to present evidence to the court which will demonstrate that the murderer was a right-handed, above average height, demon.


Yes, officer. The woman was kidnapped by an angelic host. I’m sure of it.


Honey! I can’t find my keys. I’m sure I left them on the night stand last night. Oh well, demons must have taken them.

Nope. Christians never invoke a supernatural cause in their probability calculations for bank robberies, murders, rapes, kidnappings, or for their missing keys. Yet they insist that skeptics include a supernatural cause in our probability calculations for empty tombs and ghost sightings.

Not rational!





End of post.

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