Troll Infestation: All Comments Will Now Be Moderated

Internet troll, Royalty-free Internet troll Vector Images & Drawings |  Depositphotos®

Due to the ongoing presence of a gaslighting troll, I have decided to institute comment moderation from this point forward. I apologize to my other readers. I know it slows down the conversation but since I check my blog frequently throughout the day, it shouldn’t be too bad. Opposing views and constructive criticism are still welcome!





End of post.


4 thoughts on “Troll Infestation: All Comments Will Now Be Moderated

  1. And THIS is why people must be monitored, assessed for good-or-great performance (job or otherwise), regulated—whether individually or as a group/corporate member—by laws with as irreproachable a justice system can be, and all competitive sports (from youth to adult professionals world-wide!) MUST HAVE referees, umpires, chair-judges, Leagues with Codes of Conduct, etc, etc! Why? It’s very simple: Give most people an inch, they WILL… at some point… take 100-miles if it benefits them and “their personal cause or interests.” Period. The history of humanity has repeatedly taught us this over and over and over, ad infinitum ad nauseum. And yet there are STILL those Prima-donnas who scream against Rules & Regulations, Codes of Conduct, or Laws that apply to others, but not to them. 😡


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