Hundreds of Jewish Scholars Reject the Christian Claim That Jesus Fulfilled OT Prophecies. Why?

Rabbi Tovia Singer, anti-missionary man, to speak at Beth Yeshurun later  this month
Rabbi Tovia Singer

Gary: I left Christianity after evaluating the many inconsistencies and false claims in the Bible, not just because of a couple of books by Bart Ehrman. One of those inconsistencies/false claims is:

The alleged OT prophecies about Jesus are all disputed. Jewish Bible scholars can provide good arguments that none of the passages in question are talking about Jesus.

Christian blogger: A common objection to the historicity of Jesus is that there are too many parallels to Jesus and the Old Testament. But the parallel aren’t as strong as they could be or would be if the Gospel writers were making it all up and fabricating it whole cloth. Another related objection is that passages in the Old Testament are eisegetically [rather than exegetically] pressed and forced to refer to Jesus. But if the Gospel authors were making it up, they would have made the parallels and fulfillments fit better if they used JUST A LITTLE bit more imagination. The fact that the Gospels don’t do that fits better with the Gospel authors being constrained by the actual historical facts of Jesus rather than spinning fake tales. See the following video:

Is the Story of Jesus Stolen From the Old Testament?

Moreover, the fulfillments are often more literal than is usually realized at first glance. See the MANY book recommendations in the 2nd half of the blog linked below that argue for the genuine messiahship of Jesus:


It’s often been said by non-Messianic Jews that no great rabbis believed Jesus was the Messiah. That’s factually false. Many great rabbis have. Some of them were even very learned gedolim. See the following articles:

Rabbis Who Thought For Themselves Part ONE

Rabbis Who Thought For Themselves Part TWO

Again, see the links I provided above. Including the MANY book recommendations of I linked to in the blog above.

[32 Youtube Videos]
Michael L. Brown’s introductory responses to Jewish Objection to Jesus:

It’s interesting that many Jewish counter-Missionaries don’t want to debate Michael L. Brown. For example, rabbi Tovia Singer has been avoiding debating Brown again [a 3rd time] for decades. Here’s a video where Brown addresses Singer’s refusal to debate him and Singer’s inaccurate statements:

Dr. Brown Responds to Rabbi Tovia Singer


The Gospel authors say themselves that the purpose of the gospels was: “so that you believe (in Jesus as the Christ). They were not attempting to write class room history books. They were writing works of evangelization in a genre of ancient literature that allowed for extensive embellishments as long as they remained true to the character of the central figure of the story. The Gospel authors believed that Jesus was the promised messiah, the promised King of the New Israel. The Messiah would have to be the greatest prophet and king that Israel had ever seen! So that is what they did: they invented stories, paralleling stories from the OT, shoehorning Jesus in, so that it appeared that the arrival of Jesus had been prophesied.

One only has to look at the prophecy of “a virgin shall conceive” in Isaiah 7 and the “suffering servant” prophecy in Isaiah 53 to see that Christian authors completely distorted these passages. Anyone who sits down and reads the entire chapter of Isaiah chapter 7 can clearly see that the author was talking about a child born during King Hezekiah’s time, not centuries later in Jesus’ time. And if one reads the five chapter before Isaiah chapter 53, one sees the suffering servant is none other than…”Israel”, the corporate body of the Jewish people.

Even evangelical apologists Josh and Sean McDowell agree that these two prophecies were not initially written about Jesus. They believe that the Gospel authors used these passages as Midrashes. Good grief! Why can’t Christians just admit: the Gospel authors “shoehorned” Jesus into prophecies and passages which were clearly not about him. Again, the Gospel authors were writing religious propaganda, not history books.






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5 thoughts on “Hundreds of Jewish Scholars Reject the Christian Claim That Jesus Fulfilled OT Prophecies. Why?

  1. The flip side to the Jews for Jeebus people is that there were holy men, if you will, like Honi the Circle Drawer and Hanina ben Dosa, allegedly doing the same miracles as Jesus allegedly did. And, much of the same preaching. Jesus didn’t originate the Golden Rule. Besides, the “Silver Rule” of do NOT do to others what you do NOT want done to yourself is better anyway.

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    1. Gadfly –

      Just curious: Did somebody tell you that Jesus was supposed to be the one-and-only miracle worker in the first century? Or that the “golden rule” was supposed to be a uniquely-Jesus teaching?


      1. Moly has his holy in a dander again? And, is strawmanning …. pretending the typical fundy with butt parked in church pew (about once every six months, if Pew et al are correct) knows who Honi and Hanina are.

        And, yes, those fundies don’t know who they are, and they do think Jeebus instituted the Golden Rule. In any case, I noted the Silver Rule is better. And, its first enunciation wasn’t in the Ancient Near East at all, but was by Master K’ung.


        1. well, I’m at a disadvantage. The only “typical fundies” I know these days are the ones on this blog, like Gary….


  2. Excellent stuff Gary. Bravo. šŸ‘

    The vast majority of Jewish-Antiquity and Rabbinical scholars—who by no irony at all—know Yeshua’s (Jesus’) background and authentic/verifiable teachings better than any modern Evangy-Fundy theologians, ministers or apologists. Why? Simple, because none of them are ever taught much about true Second Temple Judaism & Messianism by authentic Jewish-Antiquity and Rabbinical (Tannaim period) scholars. Simple.

    Furthermore, since the 4th-century CE the Catholic then Protestant Churches and their parishes/congregations began mass manufacturing of purely Greco-Roman ideas of Yeshua, his rabbinical reforms/teachings about the “Law,” “Covenants” Old and New, and their Hellenistic interpretations (not properly nor authentically Jewish); a complete hijacking and overhaul of what and who Yeshua actually was. From Dr. Ron Moseley’s work, “Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church“:

    A quick look at church history shows that as the church moved westward and away from its Jewish roots, the Roman church leaders of the fourth century developed theologies which virtually did away with all that was Jewish.

    –Mosley, Dr. Ron. Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church (p. 77). Messianic Jewish Communications. Kindle Edition.

    And none among these reputable, Jewish-Antiquity and Rabbinical scholars argue that Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled all six (6) specific requirements to be authenticated as a/the Messiah (Anointed) as spelled out clearly in Ezekiel 37:24-28! Fact: Yeshua fulfilled only one of the six: he was Jewish.

    More great work Gary. Well done.


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