Why Would God Use Plagiarists to Write His Holy Word?

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Thomas, ex-Christian and reader of this blog:  Much later I found out about the Synoptic Problem and specifically the fact that Matthew, the supposed eyewitness, extensively copied Mark, even for his own conversion narrative! Further, throughout all the extensive copying of Matthew and Luke, not once do they write anything like, “for Mark wrote…” or anything like that for the Q Source either. Thus, Matthew and Luke themselves treat Mark and Q as anonymous or at least are silent about authorship. If it is mere silence, were they silent because they didn’t want to get caught for plagiarism? Or because they themselves knew they weren’t writing a well-researched history?

Gary: Excellent points, Thomas. Most scholars believe that the authors of Matthew and Luke copied (plagiarized) numerous, entire passages from the Gospel of Mark. But nowhere in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke do the authors state “per John Mark, in his gospel, …”. Nope. They simply stole his material to use for their books.

That is theft!

Are we really to believe that a perfect God used thieves (plagiarists) to write his “holy word”?

Come on, Christians. Wake up!






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4 thoughts on “Why Would God Use Plagiarists to Write His Holy Word?

  1. It’s a question many Protestants rarely want to talk about – at what point in the early church did the wheels fall off. Protestants often pick and choose the stuff they like from the first few hundred years, while ignoring that many of those later Roman Empire Christians would reject Protestant ideas such as the three Solas, bishops not running the show, etc.


    1. All my comments here were supposed to go under Gary’ s post -The Alleged Divine Inspiration of the New Testament is a Joke- so please ignore my comment about when did the wheels fall off the church in this post/ topic. I guess I need a coffee today or something


        1. Thanks, the darkness and snow blizzard where I live must have slowed down my brain. I wish Word press would let me edit or delete my own comments like disqus does. Seems like only admins can do that on Word press.


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