Nurses Are Not Doctors

7 Ways Doctors Can Work Better with Nurses

Some people are hesitant to receive the Covid-19 vaccine because they read headlines that say “A significant percentage of health care workers refuse to receive the Covid-19 vaccine”.

This is misleading.

–96% of all doctors in the United States are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

–88% of all nurses (RN’s) are vaccinated against Covid-19.

So who are all these “health care workers” who are not vaccinated? Well, the term “health care worker” includes a wide range of people including the people who draw your blood at the lab (phlebotomists), X-ray technicians, pharmacy technicians, etc.. Are you really going to make life and death decisions regarding your health based on what your phlebotomist tells you?

Come on, folks. Think rationally!

Just because a few nurses are interviewed on the nightly news who refuse to be vaccinated is not sufficient reason why you should not be vaccinated. The overwhelming majority of nurses support vaccination against Covid-19. But bottom line: Nurses are not doctors. Don’t get me wrong, nurses are extremely important. Health care would collapse without them. But nurses are not responsible for making health care decisions. Doctors make health care decisions, and to make those decisions, doctors must read and keep up to date on the latest research. Trust your health care decisions to doctors, not to nurses, phlebotomists, and X-ray technicians.






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13 thoughts on “Nurses Are Not Doctors

  1. A lot of chiropractors seem to love to weigh in on matters outside their areas of expertise, and unfortunately they get to put Dr. in front of their names. Where I live there were problems with many of them putting out anti vaxer propaganda a couple years ago (pre covid). Youtube is full of them dispensing advice on diet, diabetes, cancer, etc. A friend of mine practically worshipped a guy on Youtube named Dr. Eric Berg, even after I pointed he was a Chiropractor, and at that time his bio said not practicing. But it didn’t matter, she was too devoted to his videos.

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    1. “A lot of chiropractors seem to love to weigh in on matters outside their areas of expertise…”

      The are only two thing I believe chiropractors are experts in: Separating people from their money and providing badly informed medical advice.

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      1. It originally seems to have been founded on quackery. I can’t totally dismiss it though, as a couple friends with back problems swear by their chiropractors, and I had one decades ago who gave me exercises which really helped after I tried physio and massage to no avail. No one at the time seemed to have a clue what it was or what to do, but in this internet age I’ve self diagnosed it as thoracic outlet syndrome. Based on those experiences, I can’t say the whole profession is a sham, but certainly seems to have a higher than average number of practitioners who are flakes.

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      2. MANY years ago, I visited a chiropractor for neck problems. After about 3-4 visits, he became history for the reasons you listed. Thank goodness I wised up! Unfortunately, many never do.

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        1. I know some very good chiropractors who can fix your back when it is “out”, but I wouldn’t see a chiropractor for advice on diabetes, hypertension, or infectious diseases.

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  2. The point is that these vaccines are not that effective at preventing a very survivable illness. And they are being pushed on people very hard. If you wanted to design a message to create anti-vaxxers, that would be it.


    1. Further, the irony of this post is stunning. Here you are rebuking those who listen to a small number of unqualified persons. Yet this entire blog exists because you listened to one disgruntled Baptist (whose theology is suspect anyway) and ignore ALL of the extremely intelligent theologians throughout history.

      The truth is, there is a God, I pray you are prepared to meet him when the time comes.


      1. “John,” you state: there is a God. Please provide solid, substantial, and indisputable evidence that validates this statement. Thanks.


      2. I didn’t just listen to one person. I extensively studied the issue.

        There is no such thing as “a consensus of scientists” on the existence of supernatural beings, aka, Jesus the resurrected Christ. Therefore one cannot appeal to expert opinion on the existence of such beings. It would be like claiming that their is a consensus of experts that goblins exist. Your supernatural beliefs are delusions. Snap out of it, my friend.


      3. FYI: I accept the majority consensus opinion of biblical scholars in regards to scholarly issues such as dating of manuscripts and authorship? Do you??


    2. Where I live the hospitals are over flowing with unvaccinated people on respirators, but not with the vaccinated. How can this mean that vaccines are not effective?


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