What Most Anti-Vaxers Don’t Understand

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If a world-renowned doctor tells you that a particular medication or medical treatment is not good for you, should you believe him or her?

Answer: It depends.

When a world-renowned medical expert holds an opinion on a matter within his (or her) field of expertise, his opinion should be taken seriously. However, if you then learn that 95% of all experts in the same field of medicine believe that this particular expert is wrong on this issue, who should you believe?

Did you know that if you do a “google search” on the internet, randomly selecting any topic in medicine, you will probably find one or even several doctors who hold a very controversial position on that topic; a position that is contrary to the position of the overwhelming majority of other medical experts? So, is this small group of experts correct or is the overwhelming majority of experts correct? How would you know?

Many people today believe that if they spend a couple hours on the internet, they themselves can decide which group of experts is correct on complex medical issues. But is that really intelligent? We are talking about experts who have graduated from a university, then attended medical school or graduate school, and then have spent years conducting research in their specialized field of study! What makes you think that you can judge which group of highly educated and specialized experts is correct? Are you a specialist in this particular medical field? Are you a doctor? Did you graduate from college with a degree in science? Did you even attend college?? Surprisingly, many anti-vaxer bloggers on the internet, acting as if they are authorities on Covid and vaccines, don’t even have a college education.  These bloggers are asking readers to trust their health and their very lives to someone with a high school education!  How outrageous.

“But the majority of experts can be wrong!” I have heard many anti-vaxers say. Sure. The majority of experts can be wrong—once in a great while—and the small minority of experts can occasionally be right.

Let’s look at this topic using an analogy: If you decide to place a very large bet in a horse race, choosing to bet on a long shot when you are not an expert in race horses, that is a very, very risky bet! The odds heavily favor you losing your bet! Even if there are a couple of racing “pros” who advise you to bet on the long shot and against the heavily favored horse, is that a wise bet? What do these experts know that all the other experts don’t? If you are just betting a couple of bucks, go ahead. Live on the wild side! Have some fun! But if you are betting everything you have, you are risking financial ruin! Wouldn’t such a long shot bet be foolish?

Yet that is exactly what you are doing with your very life when refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19! The overwhelming majority of medical experts believe that the Covid-19 virus is real, that it is deadly, and that the vaccines against it are safe and effective against coming down with severe illness, being hospitalized, and dying. A recent study demonstrated that 96% of all physicians in the United States have been fully vaccinated against Covid. That percentage represents an overwhelming majority of medical experts who by their own actions endorse being vaccinated against this deadly disease. Betting that this overwhelming majority of medical experts is wrong; that they have been fooled by the drug/vaccine industry; and betting that the 4% of doctors who aren’t vaccinated (for whatever reason) are correct is like betting on a very, very long shot horse. It’s like betting on a long shot horse with odds worse than 1:20! That is a very risky bet, folks. Unless you have insider information about this long shot horse and insider information about all the horses your horse is running against, this is a DUMB bet! Again, if you just bet a couple of dollars on this long shot, so what. But if you bet your entire life savings (and your children’s life savings) on this long shot, you are being very, very foolish.

Don’t be a fool, dear friend! Go with the odds. Bet with the 96% of medical experts who themselves have been vaccinated against Covid; who themselves have bet on the life-saving benefits of being vaccinated against a disease that has now killed more Americans than the 1918 Spanish flu!

Losing this bet could cost you more than your life savings. It could cost you your life! Get vaccinated today!

Courier Journal reporters show how not to bet on horse races
True. But should you bet your life on a long shot? No. The odds are that you are going to lose and the consequences of losing are horrific.






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3 thoughts on “What Most Anti-Vaxers Don’t Understand

  1. I remember a comedian- Bill Burr I think it was, saying something like – Are you going to go with the guy in his basement who’s read few internet articles while sitting in his underwear, or the guy in lab coat with a medical degree who has spent years in university.

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