A Pandemic of Stupidity

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Within weeks, the United States will reach a tragic milestone: More people will have died from the Covid-19 pandemic than died from the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic (675,000). Many of these Covid deaths were preventable. A vaccine, which was not available in 1918, is available in 2021. Yet millions of Americans today refuse to trust scientists and medical experts who overwhelmingly endorse the efficacy and safety of the vaccines, instead listening to Fox News and other right wing media pundits for their medical advice.

How stupid. What a bunch of idiots.

Science, the Scientific Method, and trust in consensus expert opinion are the foundations of an advanced, industrialized society.

What has happened to the once great United States of America???





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30 thoughts on “A Pandemic of Stupidity

  1. The kool-aid of warm fuzzies enjoyed by a dumbed-down culture that actually thinks that masks stop or clow down viral infections, will continue to slink along in the MSNBC and CNN, and other mass media network zombie parade in spite of the reports from other countries, some with as much as 80% vaccination rates, and yet their hospitals are filling up with fully vaccinated people. Hey, guess what…that chain link fence in your back yard or neighborhood really don’t keep the mosquitos out of your yard and neighborhood…do they…any more than masks prevent viral cross-infection. Just read the CDC.GOV website, which actually has an article admitting the ineffectiveness of masks in spite of their front page propaganda. Not everyone can handle vaccinations, and they will be demonized by the stupid and ignorant masses who aren’t physically predisposed to severe reactions to vaccinations. What a pathetic state this culture is in.


    1. “ CDC.GOV website, which actually has an article admitting the ineffectiveness of masks”

      I can’t find this article on the CDC site. Can you provide a link?


    2. “… in spite of the reports from other countries, some with as much as 80% vaccination rates, and yet their hospitals are filling up with fully vaccinated people”

      And who are these vaccinated people that are being admitted to hospital? As far as I understand it, they are generally in one of these categories: over 80, immunocompromised, have serious comorbidities. Even then the vaccine still appear to be quite effective, but not as effective as in the general population.

      “… any more than masks prevent viral cross-infection.”

      And yet the largest study of it’s kind has found that masks are effective at helping to prevent transmission of the virus.

      “Just read the CDC.GOV website, which actually has an article admitting the ineffectiveness of masks in spite of their front page propaganda”

      Provide the link. Encode it if you have to in order to get around filters. You can always do something like wwwcdcgovarticle.html, which generally gets around automated tools.

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        1. Here is my attempt

          The article is from May 2020. At the bottom of the article it says the original publication date was Feb 6 2020. This is a Hong Kong study – not that that makes it bad, just saying that given that Covid wasn’t being taken very seriously at that point in North America, I imagine there must be more current studies after.


      1. You’ll have to go over to Israel yourself since the AP didn’t say that they were people over 80 or anything else about their age, which would seem to mean that the age span is more broad.


  2. What? Your reading comprehension skills are very lacking. I referenced those who are allergic to vaccines. I never said it’s not good to get them. Please address what I said, and the verifiable facts I presented from news organizations, including the AP, that hospitals are filling up with fully vaccinated people in one country where they have an 80% vaccination rate. The claim of those vaccines allegedly being 95% effective aren’t panning out.


    1. The overwhelming majority of people in the United States who are being hospitalized and dying of Covid are unvaccinated. This demonstrates that the vaccines are effective for the strains/variants of Covid circulating in the United States. It is entirely possible that a new variant will emerge (or has already emerged in another country) which can overcome the vaccine. That is why everyone should get vaccinated ASAP. As long as there is a large population of unvaccinated people in the US, this will serve as a pool out of which new variants may emerge, variants which are resistant to the vaccines.

      Bottom line: Everyone get vaccinated NOW.

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      1. You really just don’t get it! You’re the only one parading around claiming the vaccines are so effective against even the variants. Not even influenza has been that effective, and they’ve been working at that for decade after decade, and influenza is still around. Say, are you suffering from the same dementia as Biden, claiming that they are going to ERADICATE SARS-COVID-2? Not even the common cold has been eradicated. Good grief, dude, what color is the sky in your world? These drugs have only been out there on the market for less than a year, hospitals in foreign countries are FILLING UP with fully vaccinated people. All I’m saying is this MAY be the beginning of an indicator we should all take seriously.

        You know, YOU sound like one of those politicians who has stock in those vaccine manufacturers. How much stock do you actually have of theirs that you’re making money from? Most drugs take as long as 13.5 YEARS to acquire approval, and these things jumped right out there without long term testing like all other drugs on the market, and THEN there is what they call LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS they collect data on throughout a number of years after a drug is released.

        I simply stand on the side of caution rather than to jump onto the blind and happy bandwagon of praise and cheers for something that Trump started, and that is now rammed out there onto the market as if there are going to be NO long term side effects, and the effectiveness of which MAY be called into question. Not even the influenza shots, when they first came out, were declared to be 95% effective, but THIS one, well, it’s pure gold and guaranteed…never minding that those claiming such may end up eating their words…or not. I hope this all DOES work, but it having originated from Trump and his gang…I’m not so sure.


        1. Foolish thinking. You think you know more than the experts.

          Trust scientific consensus expert opinion, folks. It’s the best source of truth we’ve got.


            1. Yes. Everyone should trust your judgment on this issue. Ignore the thousands of experts in countries all over the world who have spent most of their lives studying viruses and infectious diseases. You’ve spent a couple of hours on the internet and now you know it all.


              1. Poor Gary. He’s a dupe of media and all the hype they dish out. He trusts them all blindly, without a critical thought. Dare you move to Australia where they now have a law blocking pharmacies and clinics from telling people which manufacturer’s shot they are being given…nope. Nothing to see here. Just trust them…even though there has not yet been enough time for long term studies for mRNA serum vaccinations, unlike most all the others.

                Yeah, Gary, you go ahead and keep drinking that kool-aid of theirs, and I hope your trust is well founded. I don’t want to see that critical thinking could be right on this one. I prefer everyone remain healthy and vibrant regardless of all the promises from those who also HOPE that nothing adverse comes about as a result of these new style vaccines with no long-term testing behind them..


                1. FYI: I am a doctor. Many of my unvaccinated patients have told me the same things that you are saying. “You are so naive, Doc. The drug companies have you fooled. The vaccines are a hoax. We don’t need to wear masks.”

                  Several of these same patients are now dead. They died terrible deaths from Covid, just as I warned them. None of my vaccinated patients have died from Covid.

                  The vaccines are effective. Masking significantly reduces transmission of the virus.

                  Trust science, folks. Ignore the misinformation of the anti-vaxers. They don’t know what they are talking about.

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                  1. “Several of these same patients are now dead. They died terrible deaths from Covid, just as I warned them.”

                    I’m so sorry to hear that you, and other medical workers, have had to deal with this Gary. I can only imagine the frustration of having these completely preventable deaths happen. It all seems like such a waste.

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  3. epicurus, this site is blocking me from posting URL,s so just go to the CDC.GOV website and look up the article with the title “Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures”

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      1. It’s weird, I found the link and tried posting it here but it doesn’t seem to go through.
        I tried a second time with a sentence to introduce it just to get some non url words in but still didn’t go through.
        Darn compters.

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        1. I suspect the administrators of this core sight are censoring such information to make sure that nothing is posted that would buck the social and cultural narratives. After all, WordPress doesn’t want to go against giants like Facebook and Youtube. Those giants might end up crushing this site into utter insignificance.


      2. I had only the one URL to the CDC.GOV website, and the messages would not post.

        Besides, if masks were so effective, there would be no need for environmental suits in virus development labs like where the Wuhan virus came from (which is what MSNBC, CNN and all the other mass media networks called it before switching over to the claim that it’s “racist” to call it that).


  4. Having the same problem where I live – in the most conservative province in Canada. The head of the provincial govt is a conservative catholic, and many of his ministers are conservative evangelical christians, many of whom think covid is a hoax or at least not to be taken seriously, and have insulted those who do. The result is our hospitals are full and we are having to ask other provinces to take some of our sick.


  5. Absolutely. The vaccine is our only way out of this mess. Statistically, the number of hospitalised vaccinated people has slightly increased but this is inevitable; the more people who take the vaccine the greater the percentage of hospitalisations will be from this group. It’s simple statistics and doesn’t mean the vaccine isn’t working. The vast majority of hospitalisations worldwide is of the unvaccinated. The mortality rate within the vaccinated group remains low.

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    1. “The mortality rate within the vaccinated group remains low.”

      Every outcome of this virus stands markedly better among the vaccinated, to the surprise of absolutely no one who understands what vaccines do. Even those who have had only one dose have significant protection from the worst outcomes.

      The CBC posted an article yesterday about Alberta (our most conservative province that has done very little to stop the spread recently) and what’s happening with COVID cases. What’s nice is that they are break down the outcomes by age and vaccination status. .


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