Dear Christian Apologist: How Old Were You When You First Believed in Jesus as Your Resurrected Lord And Savior?

Raising kids in Jesus - do they need to pray all the time? - Hands of God  Church Austin, Texas

This is one of my favorite questions when debating Christian apologists. It often throws them off guard. Some of them will even try to avoid answering it. Why? Because studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of evangelical Christians first believed in and committed their lives to Jesus the resurrected corpse as their “Lord and Savior” prior to the age of TWELVE!

Good god!

How can anyone claim to be “objective” if they have believed this ancient fairy tale as fact ever since they were a small child?






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5 thoughts on “Dear Christian Apologist: How Old Were You When You First Believed in Jesus as Your Resurrected Lord And Savior?

  1. For Christians, having children is the main source of evangelism and creating Christians, And I believe almost all are essentially childhood converts in one way or another, even if some put it off until later teenage years or early adulthood because they are “rebelling.” Choosing something other than Jesus is rarely in doubt.

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  2. Many little children in our culture are taught that both Jesus the Christ and Santa the Claus are real. Little children believe in these figures with magical powers simply because their parents and their social networks say they exist. At some point in time, parents and their social networks tell them that Santa Claus is imaginary but continue telling them that Jesus the Christ is real.

    Imagine what would happen if parents never told their children that Santa Claus is imaginary? Imagine if parents told their children, starting when they are very young, that belief in Santa Claus is the most important belief one can have, and that if one rejects the lordship and magical powers of Santa Claus, one will suffer some form of punishment forever and ever.

    How many adults in our society would still believe in Santa Claus?

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    1. Licona and Habermas claim to have gone on a search in their youth because of doubting Christianity, supposedly comparing other religions. I don’t think the answer for them was ever really in question. The reason and evidence they provide as apologists would only only convince someone who is ready and wanting to believe – mainly from already growing up in a Christian culture.

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    2. The effect is greatly amplified when you throw in the promise of “eternal life” for believing the message and the threat of “eternal damnation” for rejecting the message. That tactic is particularly effective with children.


      1. At least with Santa, worst case scenario is just no presents if you don’t believe (unless of course you go farther back in the Santa Claus myth when he used to have a stick or something to beat bad kids -but nobody tells their kids that anymore).


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