Why Isn’t the Bible Listed in The Guinness Book of World Records for Most Accurate Prophecies?

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Christian: No other book ever written has the amazing accuracy of its prophecies as does the Bible. 

Gary: After subjective personal feelings and perceptions of the presence of Jesus of Nazareth in their hearts and in their lives, the second most frequently mentioned evidence given by Christians for the reliability of the Bible is the alleged “amazing” accuracy of Biblical prophecies about Jesus. But the odd fact is, the only people on earth who seem to believe that the Bible is amazingly accurate in its prophecies about Jesus are Christians! The overwhelming majority of Jewish Bible scholars don’t believe that the Old Testament has any prophecies about Jesus or about any messiah who is born of a virgin, who is crucified for the remission of sins for all mankind, or who comes back from the dead. Christians allege that Jewish Bible scholars are biased. Ok, let’s ignore the fact that thousands of Jewish Bible experts for the last 2,000 years have extensively studied the Hebrew Bible, in Hebrew, and have not found any prophecies about a virgin-born, dying and rising messiah, what about the rest of the world’s historians and scholars? Can anyone provide a public university textbook written by a non-Christian which states that the Bible is amazingly accurate in its predictions (prophecies)? Let me know if you find one, but I highly doubt that such a textbook exists.

Why do the world’s non-Christian, professional historians fail to mention in their books the fact that the Bible contains the most accurate predictions of the future (prophecies) than any book on the planet, including the writings of Nastradamus? A conspiracy against Christianity?? Well, once again, let’s ignore the fact that the world’s non-Christian professional historians for some reason never mention the Bible as being the most accurate collection of futuristic predictions (prophecies). Let’s look at another category of book authors.

What about books written by collectors of record breaking events? If the Bible’s futuristic predictions are as amazingly accurate as Christians believe, why is this amazing feat not listed in any secular record book such as The Guinness Book of World Records? Nope. I checked. Not listed!

The fact is, the only people on the planet who believe that the Bible contains amazingly accurate prophecies about Jesus are Christians. Does anyone detect the signs of…bias?





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5 thoughts on “Why Isn’t the Bible Listed in The Guinness Book of World Records for Most Accurate Prophecies?

  1. Wait… So the question is “Why is the Bible not in a Guinness Book category that doesn’t exist?”

    This whole thing epitomises popular atheism: big on sarcastic rhetoric, short – very short – on logic.

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    1. @Liam

      Here, let me fix this for you, Liam.

      This whole prophecy thing epitomises popular theism: big on nebulous bumph, short – very short – on evidence.

      Oh … and for what it’s worth.

      Re Guinness.

      What kind of facts did the two principal fact finders twins Norris and Ross McWhirter include in the Guinness book of Records?
      Its two principal fact finders, twins Norris and Ross McWhirter, scoured the globe to collect empirical facts. It was their task to find and document aspects of life that can be sensed or observed, things that can be quantified or measured.

      Click to access Level_12_Passage_3.pdf

      And now you know why none of the biblical crap about prophecies is in the Guinness Book of prophecies Records

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    2. That’s essentially correct. While I don’t fail to see the point he is trying to make, he’s basically resorting to circular reasoning. Obviously, someone who would believe in these prophecies would naturally make them a follower of said religion (or just about any other), in which case, their perspective would be automatically rendered invalid because of the implied bias (no matter if they’re a convert that wasn’t raised christian or otherwise). As for secular sources, there’s not much that needs to be said other than that it traditionally has a skeptical or neutral view over any supernatural claims they can’t verify. Naturally that doesn’t prove or disprove the prophecies. So again, it’s all just circular reasoning.


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