What is The Easiest Way to Disprove Evolution?

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Gary: If creationists want to disprove Darwinian evolution once and for all there is one simple way to do it: Find an anachronistic fossil!

What is an anachronistic fossil?

The evidence for Darwinian evolution is so strong that scientists can predict in which layer of sediment every fossil should be found. An anachronistic fossil is a fossil found in a sediment layer which defies evolution’s prediction of where it should be. Guess what? Not one single anachronistic fossil has ever (let me repeat that) ever been found!

Dear Creationists: This series of posts on evolution was written because a creationist reader challenged me to provide evidence of a “missing link” fossil. I have done that here, here, and here.

Now it’s your turn: Please produce one anachronistic fossil or admit that creationism is false!

Creationism Evolving

Jerry Coyne, biologist, University of Chicago:

The fossil record teaches us three things. First, it speaks loudly and eloquently of evolution. The record in the rocks confirms several predictions of evolutionary theory: gradual change within lineages, splitting within lineages, and the existence of transitional forms between very different kinds of organisms. There is no getting around this evidence, no waving it away. Evolution happened, and in many cases we see how.

Second, when we find transitional forms, they occur in the fossil record precisely where they should. The earliest birds occur after dinosaurs but before modern birds. We see ancestral whales spanning the gap between their landlubber ancestors and fully modern whales. If evolution were not true, fossils would not occur in an order that makes evolutionary sense. Asked what observation could conceivably disprove evolution, the curmudgeonly biologist J. B. S. Haldane reportedly growled, “Fossil rabbits in the Pre-Cambrian!” (That’s the geological period that ended 543 million years ago.) Needless to say, no Precambrian rabbits, or any other anachronistic fossils, have ever been found.

Precambrian Rabbit (blue-red gradient)" Greeting Card by anatotitan |  Redbubble

Finally, evolutionary change, even of a major sort, nearly always involves remodeling the old into the new. The legs of land animals are variations on the stout limbs of ancestral fish. The tiny middle ear bones of mammals are remodeled jaw bones of their reptilian ancestors. The wings of birds were fashioned from the legs of dinosaurs. And whales are stretched out land animals whose forelimbs have become paddles and whose nostrils have moved atop their head.

There is no reason why a celestial designer, fashioning organisms from scratch like an architect designs buildings, should make new species by remodeling the features of existing ones. Each species could be constructed from the ground up. But natural selection can act only by changing what already exists. It can’t produce new traits out of thin air. Darwinism predicts, then, that new species will be modified versions of older ones. The fossil record amply confirms this prediction!

Kurtzgesagt's map of evolution : interestingasfuck






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3 thoughts on “What is The Easiest Way to Disprove Evolution?

  1. This is so typical of evolutionists. They can’t prove evolutionary progression, so the resort to challenging others to prove a negative…something they’d scream “FOUL” if applied to them in challenge. Very hypocritical. I’ve already quoted to Gary some of the top evolutionists who admit there is zero fossil evidence for evolutionary changes, and he continues to find articles parroting the usual pseudo science diet of crap not at all recognized by the evolutionary scientists I quoted. This is just like religionists going around picking and choosing what denomination they want to follow that happens to align with their pre-conceived bias.


    1. I’ve already quoted to Gary some of the top evolutionists who admits there is zero fossil evidence for evolutionary changes,

      Wrong. You have never given the name of even one “top evolutionist” who denies the existence of evidence in the fossil record for evolutionary change. You are either delusional, stupid, or a trolling liar.

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  2. First, this is a mug’s game. Find a “missing link” and the creationists will say “now you have TWO missing links!”

    Second, I found an anachronistic fossil myself: Australeopithecus swordtartus.


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