The Fossil Record Proves, Without a Doubt, that Creationism is False

Gary: If life began as creationists want us to believe, then when looking at the pattern of fossil deposition in the layers of the earth’s sediments, we should see the following pattern: Fossils of lions, tigers, and bears should be present in the same sediment layers as those of dinosaurs. But this is not the case! What we actually find—over and over and over again— is the following:

Quote: The first organisms, simple photosynthetic bacteria, appear in sediments about 3.5 billion years ago [in the deepest layer of sediment containing evidence of previously living life forms], only about a billion years after the planet was formed. These single cells were all that occupied the earth for the next 2 billion years, after which we see the first simple “eukaryotes”: organisms having true cells with nuclei and chromosomes. Then, around 600 million years ago, a whole gamut of relatively simple but multi-celled organisms arise, including worms, jellyfish, and sponges. These groups diversity over the next several million years, with terrestrial plants and tetrapods (four-legged animals, the earliest of which were lobe-finned fish) appearing about 400 million years ago. Earlier groups, of course, often persisted: photosynthetic bacteria, sponges, and worms appear in the early fossil record, and are still with us.

Fifty million years later we find the first true amphibians, and after another fifty million years reptiles come along. The first mammals show up around 250 million years ago (arising, as predicted, from reptilian ancestors), and the first birds, also descended from reptiles, show up 50 million years later. After the earliest mammals appear, they, along with insects and land plants, become ever more diverse, and as we explore the shallowest rocks, the fossils increasingly come to resemble living species. Humans are newcomers on the scene—our lineage branches off from other primates only about 7 million years ago, the merest sliver of evolutionary time.

No theory of special creation, or any theory other than evolution, can explain these patterns [in the fossil record].

—Jerry Coyne, biologist, professor at the University of Chicago, in his book, Why Evolution is True, pp 26-29.






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4 thoughts on “The Fossil Record Proves, Without a Doubt, that Creationism is False

  1. Meanwhile, the fairly tale of the “Geologic Column” is YET to be discovered in ANY fossil “column.” Come on. Can’t we dispense with the colorful cartoons and the pre-determined narratives for creation, and follow the evidence to where it leads us rather than the other way around?


    1. Can’t we … follow the evidence to where it leads us?

      IMO, that’s exactly what Gary did … and what scientists do on a regular basis. Contrary to those who follow a story written several thousand years ago.

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