Creationists Are Right: Missing Links Do Not Exist

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The term “missing link”, as used by creationists, implies that one day in the primordial past, a mother alligator was happily watching her eggs hatch when out of one of her eggs popped an ostrich with an alligator tail! “I’m the mother of a freak!” sobbed the mother alligator. “One day they will call him a…missing link!”

Silly? Absolutely. But that is how creationists see the concept of evolution. How could reptiles have given rise to birds, as evolutionists claim, if there are no fossils which are half reptile and half bird? How could apes have evolved into humans if there are no half ape/half human fossils?

And they are right. Scientists will never find the fossil of an ostrich with an alligator tail or an upright walking human being with a long ape tail.


Answer: Believers of creationism do not understand the concept of “transitional forms” otherwise known as “intermediate species”. The fact is, every generation of a species is a new transitional form.

Your children are new transitional forms of you and your partner, having the same DNA as both of you but in different combinations. And your grandchildren will be yet another transitional form, being more unlike you than your children. Continue repeating that process generation after generation. The changes will be gradual but there will be changes. Now, take that incremental change, occurring over many generations, and have it continue to occur over millions of years! Tiny changes can eventually become big changes. That is evolution, my fundamentalist Christian friends.

There are no “missing links”. But that doesn’t mean that science hasn’t found some very peculiar intermediary forms. Here is one example, a bird-like dinosaur:

Archaeopteryx has long been considered a “missing link” between birds and dinos. But that term obscures the reality of how evolution works. (NMNH Paleobiology Dept / Smithsonian)

Archaeopteryx (‘original bird’ or ‘first bird’), is a genus of bird-like dinosaurs. … These features make Archaeopteryx a clear candidate for a transitional fossil between non-avian dinosaurs and birds. Thus, Archaeopteryx plays an important role, not only in the study of the origin of birds, but in the study of dinosaurs.

Trust science, not ancient texts written by scientifically ignorant, superstitious peoples.






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4 thoughts on “Creationists Are Right: Missing Links Do Not Exist

  1. Of course he didn’t. When science produces a fossil intermediate between two creatures, the anti-evolutionist declares, ‘see, now there are two gaps that need filling!’

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