500 Eyewitnesses See a Dead Man with an Elephant’s Head. Do You Believe Them?

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There are reports from a small village in the subcontinent of south Asia that 500 people, at one time and place, claim to have seen a dead man rise out of his grave, his head replaced with that of an elephant. They all claim that they watched as the “elephant man” snacked on bamboo before flying off into the clouds flapping his large elephant ears.

Should we believe this story just because 500 eyewitnesses say it happened?

I will bet you will say, no. Why? Because it is a silly, preposterous story. It is much more likely that 500 people are mistaken or lying than that this event really occurred.

Ditto for claims of resurrected corpses in first century Palestine.

Don’t be gullible, my friends. Supernatural claims are fantasy, not reality.







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28 thoughts on “500 Eyewitnesses See a Dead Man with an Elephant’s Head. Do You Believe Them?

          1. Believe with all your heart and soul that the elephant headed man-god is your personal lord and savior. If you do, you will live forever in a mansion of gold, somewhere on the edge of the cosmos…

            (But if you don’t, 1,000 elephants will stomp on you in the after life. But it gets worse: You will not die…you will suffer the pain of being stomped on by a thousand elephants over and over again for all eternity.)

            Believe or perish! The choice is yours, my friend.

            (Oh, and the elephant headed god-man loves you very much!)

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  1. It seems that Gary is lying about these reports. I cannot find any reports about this incident.


    Nothing about seeing a dead man with an elephant’s head or otherwise. Did Gary make this story up to “refute” a historical event? Seems that Gary is the one lying about these villagers.

    However, in the New Testament we have arguably 8 independent sources all corroborating that Jesus died and rose again, with extra biblical sources, Tacitus and Josephus and more, further confirming the events.

    Independent sources do not become less independent when they are collected together in on volume, by the way.


    1. All 500 villagers gave independent eyewitness testimony of the event, Liam. That is FIVE HUNDRED independent sources all corroborating that a dead man with an elephant’s head rose from the dead. Why don’t you believe THIS story???

      Answer: Because it is a silly, preposterous story.

      Ditto with your resurrected Jewish peasant story!


  2. I searched for info about Gary’s claim, too, but couldn’t find anything.

    But, if Gary is just making this up, it would not be significantly different than what he appears to do in many of his posts and arguments.


  3. Online searches does NOT mean that some event did not happen. A real and exhaustive search for confirmation takes months sometimes years to complete.

    Liam and HolyMoly, you’ve done nothing more than offer uninformed personal opinion. But you have both missed the ultimate point of Gary’s post. The only sources of a Greco-Roman “Christ” raised from the dead are strictly from Greco-Roman Church Fathers—none of which were Jewish—and no other non-Greco-Roman sources or even Jewish sources, of which was Yeshua bar Yosef’s (Jesus’) actual heritage. This is what is called today a Kangaroo Court with Roman judges or Church Fathers. Consider the 41 known contemporaneous Secular sources of that time regarding a person named Jesus Christ…

    And Josephus’ and Suetonius’ records are highly unreliable, likely later forgeries, and inadmissable.

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    1. Obviously the report is false. Look at the image of the elephant man. The elephant (head) is an African elephant so he could not possibly have risen from a grave in India.
      Wake up! You people are so gullible.

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      1. 🤣 Of course not Arkesatan! Everyone in history knows that the Greco-Roman Church Fathers, archbishops, translators, editors—all of whom were pure Greeks and Greek educated—did not touch a thing or change anything one iota!

        Well, with the exception of Mark 16:9-20, the earliest Gospel. Well, and come to think of it… a whole host of other additions and subtractions! Hahaha.

        Hang on! Let’s verify everything about this 1st-century CE cult or Jewish sect by way of… oh, I don’t know… JEWISH SOURCES written in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) two tongues: Mishnaic Hebrew and Syro-Aramaic. Yeah, let’s all read those versions. Whoops! 🙄

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  4. 8 independent sources for the resurrection, Liam? Please name them. Just to get you started, the gospels are not independent. So what does that leave? Paul’s visions? Not the same. And… erm, that’s it.

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    1. Even if all 8 of Liam’s sources were independent and each claimed to be an eyewitness, it would make ZERO difference in whether or not we should believe these claims. Why? Answer: Because these claims are silly, stupid, and preposterous.

      These claims are supernatural tall tales. History records many supernatural claims involving hundreds of people claiming that they all witnessed the same event. I will bet that Liam rejects most if not all of these other supernatural claims.

      Here is the issue: Eyewitness testimony may be sufficient for car accidents and murder trials, but it is NOT sufficient for alien abductions, Big Foot sightings, or sightings of resurrected corpses eating broiled fish lunches!

      The supernatural is fantasy, not reality. All supernatural claims can be dismissed with a chuckle and wave of the hand until science confirms that such violations of the laws of physics really do occur. Until then, intelligent, educated people should ignore such claims. That is how people who use critical thinking skills, properly, think.

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      1. And my BLIND faith in my Lord & Savior Sasquatch has as much veracity as Liam’s and HolyMoly’s presumed blind “faith.” There is PLENTY of evidence that Sasquatch exists, has died and risen again, and the fact that there have been no bones, skeletal remains found proving Sasquatch and Sasquatchianity is real doesn’t mean my Lord & Savior doesn’t exist—in my own head, heart, and soul. 😁

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  5. In the Hector Avalos book “The End of Biblical Studies” he gives an example of a sighting of Mary that meets many Protestant apologist’s criteria for concluding evidence for a miracle is good, yet they won’t believe the sighting is valid, because of course sightings of Mary go against Protestant theology (p.191-2).

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    1. Very true. If a Hindu used the same silly technique of splitting hairs over the correct English translation of Hindi words used in the ancient Hindi texts to support the supernatural claims of Hinduism, the same Christians would chuckle and hand wave away the “evidence”.

      It’s silly nonsense, Christians. Your sophisticated-sounding attempts to justify your belief in this nonsense is…nonsense.


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