Catholic Apologist (who believes in virgin births) Mocks Mormons for Their “Really Weird” Beliefs

The Catholic apologist in the video below discusses 10 Mormon teachings which he describes…with a smile…as “really out there”. But guess what Catholics, Protestants think some of your beliefs are really out there (that Mary, a mortal who lived and died 2,000 years ago, is still listening attentively to the daily prayers of millions of Catholics all over the world; that her body was beamed into outer space upon her death; that when you take Communion on Sundays you are eating literal human flesh and drinking literal human blood which possesses magical powers to forgive your “sins” and give you eternal life! That is weird! Nothing Mormons believe tops that.)

But don’t get too full of yourselves, Protestants. Jews believe that your beliefs are pretty wacky too (that a first century Jewish peasant is the creator of the universe, who at this very moment sits on a golden throne at the edge of outer space where he rules as King of the Cosmos! Are you nuts??)

Do you see a pattern? Everyone else’s superstitions are whacky…but not mine!

Get a clue, folks!

Dear theists of the world: Trust science, reason, and rational thinking. Abandon your silly superstitions! Do it for the sake of the human race. Enough of the craziness!






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10 thoughts on “Catholic Apologist (who believes in virgin births) Mocks Mormons for Their “Really Weird” Beliefs

  1. Much like that Super Enlightened Super Modern not-a-fundamentalist at all Randel Rauser who loves to Extract the Urine out of Ken Ham while maintaining an unshakeable belief in the Lake Tiberius Pedestrian.
    Truly, these people are risible in the extreme.


  2. I remember a newspaper article waayyyyy back in the 1980s where the writer was in India and was commenting on the strange practices of hinduism, like a guy who held his arm up for twenty years, etc, etc. A few days later a letter to the editor commented, much like Gary has here, that these were no more strange than the practices and beliefs of Christianity. But Christians are used to them and they are ingrained in Western Culture, so we generally don’t give them a second thought.

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  3. Dear atheists – please note that you have no basis to trust your reason…

    Have you ever considered how it is that you arrived here on naturalism?


    1. The scientific method is the most reliable method…by far…for evaluating our universe.


      Your holy book, chock full of preposterous superstitions, doesn’t come anywhere close to the accuracy and predictability of science.


    2. Oh my God, you’re right, Liam. All reason emanates from your God. The superbeing who flies off in a rage at every opportunity, is jealous and full of uncontrollable wrath, who murders people at the slightest infringement of his petty laws, who invented the lamest salvation package ever, who communicates through dreams, visions and hallucinations, and who has never applied logic or rationality in any of his dealings with humankind. Sure, he’s the guy who invented reason.

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    3. Richards is a proponent of the woo nonsense of intelligent design, and thus he disqualifies himself from any discussion on reason.

      Angus Menuge
      ”’I met the woman (Vicki Lynn Hubert) who is now my wife. She drew me back to the church, and I became an adult confirmand of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. This helped to heal the wounds of my heart,”
      Oh, puleeeze!

      Victor Reppert

      Reppert first became interested in the argument from reason after a conversion experience at the age of 18.

      ”Conversion experience”. Not a peep about evidence!

      All sounds so boringly familiar. Emotional trauma, bit of teenage angst, plus indoctrination of one sort or another, throw in a dose of CS Lewis, add a church going pretty girl, some rampant hormones and Bob’s your Uncle , or Yahweh is your Daddy. And a New Believer is made.



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