A lot of Very Intelligent People Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus

7 things Pope Francis wants you to know about Jesus' Ascension – The Muslim  Times

Most educated people on the planet today will agree that superstitions are silly and irrational…except when it comes to their particular culture’s religious superstitions.

For instance, I believe that the Christian belief that the dead body of a first century peasant was reanimated by the magical powers of a genocidal bronze age deity, who bestowed on this back-from-the-dead peasant supernatural powers, enabling it to walk through locked doors, teleport between cities, and eventually levitate into the clouds—is about as silly and irrational as they come. Yet many highly educated, very intelligent people believe this tale is true.

But does the fact that a lot of very intelligent, educated people believe a particular supernatural tale make it more probably true?

Before you answer that question, dear Christian, ask yourself this question: Does the fact that tens of thousands of highly educated, very intelligent Muslim lawyers, doctors, and engineers believe that a seventh century prophet flew on a winged horse to heaven make that story more probably true?







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2 thoughts on “A lot of Very Intelligent People Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus

  1. Some Christians act like there are no other religions in the world. I remember years ago reading Kierkegaard, and all his struggles with faith, and his famous idea of the leap of faith etc, and I marvelled at how he did not even mention or acknowledge any other religion’s existence. For him the leap of faith could only be towards Christianity, he didn’t even seem to consider any other option, at least in the book I read. He was writing in the mid 1800’s, so he certainly would have been aware of other religions, yet chose not to consider them in print.


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