Did Joseph Smith Receive the Golden Plates from a White Salamander?

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The Mormon Church teaches that in 1823 an angel named Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith in upstate New York, handing over to him a box containing golden plates, God’s newest revelation to humankind—The Book of Mormon.

Fast forward to 1984. A document surfaces, a document allegedly found at the bottom of the box given to Joseph Smith. This document contains a bombshell statement: Instead of an angel giving the Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith, it was…a white salamander!

The Mormon Church is shaken to the core.

What?? Was the Mormon faith based on a revelation from an angel as the Church had always taught, or was it based on magical animal folklore from rural upstate New York?

The leaders of the Mormon Church (who the Church asserts are “prophets”) arrange for the “Salamander Letter” to be purchased and placed into the archives of the LDS in Salt Lake. The Church refuses to allow outside experts to examine the authenticity of the document.

This story makes every atheist salivate. The Mormon Church has been exposed as the fraud it is! A white salamander! How hilarious.

But, not so quick. The story eventually takes a very, very bizarre twist…involving pipe bombs, murder, and police interrogations of the president of the Mormon Church. It is a doozy of a story! Spoiler alert: The document was a fraud. But the question remains: How were God’s prophets fooled so badly that they paid good money to buy and bury a forgery of God’s “holy, inspired words”??






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6 thoughts on “Did Joseph Smith Receive the Golden Plates from a White Salamander?

  1. Gary, The “the” in the The Book of Mormon is capitalized. Yes, that was quite a scam. I was in Utah at the time. It was a quite a laugh the way the Mormon boyz reacted. GROG


  2. In a small way it’s handy to have The Mormon Church around, as it gives us a chance to watch a religion grow and evolve from its beginnings in an age of newspapers, the printing press and still existing govt records. We can still read a critical book or essay on it’s own, rather than just a few excerpts quoted by a Mormon apologists or church historian. We can see the Church change direction on things like divine attitudes to skin colour.

    We have none of these with Christianity. We only have, with a few exceptions, the bits of it The Catholic Church saved for us, presented in a manner it wanted to present them.


    1. Not just the Mormons. The various Adventist movements also started at the tail end of the second Great Awakening. Of course, if you believe that what is written is written, period, you act like Christian Scientists, later in the 1800s. Or, there’s JWs, like Adventists, trying to “recalibrate” when they botch the Second Coming.

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      1. Indeed, as I said on Twitter last week, QAnoners remind me of Adventists and JWs, having to “recalibrate” their calculations after Trump’s Second Coming didn’t happen March 4.


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