Must a Miracle Defy the Laws of Physics?

It's A Miracle - UP Faith and Family

Christian: What makes you think a “laws of physics defying event” is the definition of “miracle?”

Gary: Yes, it is important that we agree on our definitions. I realize that in your worldview, a “miracle” can involve events which do not defy the laws of physics, for instance, recovery from an illness. So maybe a definition of “miracle” which we can both agree upon would be this: the intervention of a supernatural force or being into the natural order/processes of the universe.

But when someone recovers from an illness after prayers to Jesus or any other god, how do we know if this healing occurred by natural processes alone or by the intervention of a supernatural force? We can’t. But when someone alleges that a human being levitated into the clouds without any mechanical assistance, we can safely assume that we are dealing with an assertion of a violation of the laws of physics. And for such events, no scientist has yet stepped forward with evidence that verifies than any such event has ever occurred.

Trust science, not ancient superstitions, my friend.





End of post.

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