Resurrection? People Have Been Seeing Jesus for Two Thousand Years and Counting!

The original disciples of Jesus, and Paul, are not the only people in history who have claimed to have “seen” a back-from-the-dead Jesus. Hundreds if not thousands of people over the last 2,000 years have claimed to be recipients of a Jesus Appearance. In the past, one had to know where to find these appearance claims written in obscure books. Today, however, one can go online and find these claims with one click of the mouse, including videos of modern people claiming to have seen the resurrected Jesus. Don’t believe me? I can assure you, most of these people are still living, although some may sleep. So you can look them up and ask them!

Why do most modern, educated, western Christians dismiss modern Jesus sighting claims as silly and preposterous but accept hook, line, and sinker the claims of similar religious fanatics from the first century?

Holy Trinity, Batman! This guy claims to have received appearances of Jesus and his Father!

Jesus appeared to this guy in his bedroom (why do ghosts prefer bedrooms??)

And in case you missed it: Jesus recently appeared to large crowds in Africa!!!






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5 thoughts on “Resurrection? People Have Been Seeing Jesus for Two Thousand Years and Counting!

  1. Awww gee. I missed out.

    And I don’t understand why ’cause when I was servin’ the lawd, I thought I was as devoted as the next person, but gosh-a-golly, I never had a real, live, in-person visit from Jeeeezus like these folk did. I’m just soooo disappointed.

    Sorry, Gary. The sarcasm just got the best of me.

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    1. Nan, despite some of the teachings of Christ to the contrary, (some scholars do not think they are authentic) I don’t really think those earliest disciples expected to encounter the risen Christ at all. I think they were scared, isolated, and utterly demoralized. They were not looking for an empty tomb.

      It also seems to me that skepticism and unbelief is just an initial, normal human reaction. I mean according to the book of Acts, Paul was thought to be literally “out of his mind.” Many people “mocked.” We don’t need the internet.

      Mockery and scorn was my reaction sitting in church when I was just ten or eleven years old.

      I’ll tell you one thing if people truly experience the unadulterated presence (glory) of God in Christ, I don’t think any will be calmly chatting it up in front of a video camera sitting in an opulent gold room.

      Would you, Nan?


      1. And yet people like Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, and several others (I’m just naming the well-known ones) stand in front of video cameras (more than one!) every Sunday morning (and other occasions) in multi-million dollar church buildings (paid for by ordinary people that have been bamboozled into thinking they’re giving to the lord) to “preach the word.”

        I will give you this, Becky. These individuals MAY at one time had “an experience” like the one you describe, but they long ago became enamored with MUCH more than the “glory of God in Christ.” You can make innumerable excuses for people like this, but the bottom line is they claim all the same things you do in your Christian life. The fact that you worship on a different level doesn’t change the fact that “The Story” is just that … a story.


  2. I got an error message when I first tried to put my comment up so trying again, again apologies if it shows up as duplicate

    And as far as group visions, a good charismatic preacher can get a congregation worked up to the point where it is easy to imagine him having the congregation “seeing” Jesus:

    As he gets them ever more entranced – “He’s here with us, can you see him?” . First one person, says “yes I see him” , then another, and another. “Can you touch him?” “Yes, yes I can touch him.” And then another says this, and another, and after 15 minutes or so, with the hypnotic music playing, and the people swooning and saying they see Jesus, a large part of the people there are saying they are seeing and touching Jesus.

    Now fast forward a month or two, and I don’t think it’s at all improbable that you would have people from that congregation saying that Jesus appeared to many people on that occasion.

    And as I mentioned in my comment in the previous post, humans haven’t changed that much in two thousand years – It’s easy to imagine a scenario like this playing out with the earliest Christians. Because I doubt their group sightings of Jesus happened as they were walking down the street, I’m pretty sure the visions occurred when they were already in an emotionally charged, worship setting or gathering of some sort, with someone leading the group.

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