Holy Moly! Jesus Appears in Chicago!

Thousands of very sincere Pentecostal Christians claim that Jesus has appeared to them. You can find their claims all over the internet and on Youtube. Yet, most educated (non-Pentecostal) Christians think these people are ignorant NUT JOBS! So why in the world do these educated Christians believe similar hysteria-induced claims from the first century??

Just watch the ignorant nonsense that occurs in this video. It should make every educated Christian ashamed and embarrassed to be associated with this ancient superstition-based belief system.






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14 thoughts on “Holy Moly! Jesus Appears in Chicago!

  1. …….” It should make every educated Christian ashamed and embarrassed to be associated with this ancient superstition-based belief system.”

    Well, in our specific time and culture, one thing is certain, a follower of Jesus is definitely not going to be able to part of that respectable, woke, intellectual new atheist’s elite, right??

    “I count all things as loss…”



      1. Gary, I can understand anyone walking away from a religion that requires them to check their mind at the church door or that is toxic and abusive. I’m right there with them. But I cannot imagine intentionally working to destroy and hinder the faith in Jesus Christ of my own children and grandchildren. I’ll tell you the truth. I would rather God take my life from the earth. Such an action on my part would bring to me nothing but the deepest grief and sorrow. We are world’s apart Gary .


      2. My question to both myself and others when discussing religious belief is if you are wrong, would you want to know it?
        That attitude made me leave Christianity. It did not make me happy to leave Christianity. I get the impression from Becky’s comments that the comfort she gets from religion is more important than truth/reality/what the nature of the world and universe is, etc.
        Fair enough I guess, but it does make me wonder what her motive is in commenting here.

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        1. Oh, Epicurus, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s because I think it is all so deeply true, that I feel strongly. Else why would it matter one way or the other?? Reality has mattered to me all my life since I was young.

          But, enough said, I guess. Probably time to back off on commenting here for now, lest I wear out my welcome.
          There’s only so much that can be discussed, I think.

          Blessings. Time to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity. 🙂


  2. A couple years ago videos of this same guy getting grilled about his expenses kept popping up on my youtube feed, the video was like an hour long, as he had condos and cars and all kinds of expenses that were irregular, and I think the woman grilling him is a govt official or something, so he had to answer. Hopefully he went to jail. I could google corrupt evangelist, but there would be to many results!! 🙂

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