PhD Claims to Have Encountered a Demon

How I Learned to Be Happy By Finally Letting the Demon Inside Me Take  Control — Sherman Ave

Gary: Why is it that demons only appear to people who believe in them?

Randal Rauser, PhD seminary instructor, Baptist apologist, former Pentecostal: What is your evidence in support of the claim that “demons only appear to people who believe in them”?

Gary: Do a google search on the subject. If you do an internet search, you will find that it is almost exclusively the case that people who claim to have encountered a demon were raised as children to believe in such beings. In fact, in the United States, if one does a google search on the topic of demon possession, one will find that the overwhelming majority of people who claim to have had an experience with demons are Pentecostals/fundamentalists.

How odd that devout 21st century Episcopalians and Presbyterians rarely if ever claim to have had an encounter with demons, but Pentecostals seem to see them on every street corner.

Rauser: If you don’t have evidence to support the claim that “demons only appear to people who believe in them” then don’t make it.

Gary: Don’t be ridiculous.

Belief in demons is dangerous. Shame on you as an educator for peddling such superstitious nonsense. Such belief is responsible for the persecution, torture, and death of tens of thousands of people throughout history, and even today. Check this out from a recent scientific article:

“Along with a handful of Vatican-sanctioned exorcists, there are hundreds of self-styled exorcists around the world. After attending 50 exorcisms during research for his book, Michael Cuneo states that he never saw anything supernatural or unexplainable: No levitation or spinning heads or demonic scratch marks suddenly appearing on anyone’s faces, but many emotionally troubled people on both sides of the ritual.

While most people enjoy a scary movie, belief in the literal reality of demons and of the efficacy of exorcism can have deadly consequences. In 2003, an autistic 8-year-old boy in Milwaukee, Wis., was killed during an exorcism by church members who blamed an invading demon for his disability; in 2005 a young nun in Romania died at the hands of a priest during an exorcism after being bound to a cross, gagged, and left for days without food or water in an effort to expel demons. And on Christmas Day 2010 in London, England, a 14-year-old boy named Kristy Bamu was beaten and drowned to death by relatives trying to exorcise an evil spirit from the boy.”


Randall, you grew up as a child in a fundamentalist, working-class (limited education), superstitious denomination (Pentecostalism). If you had grown up in an upper middle class Anglican or Presbyterian home, the odds of a “demonic experience” would be extremely low. Check with your local Anglican priest or Presbyterian minister how often he has performed an exorcism. Probably never. Then check out how often the local Pentecostal preacher has performed an exorcism. Weekly??? Why the huge difference?? Come on, Randall, use that educated brain of yours. You don’t need a double blind study to see the true cause of “demon sightings”.

Your brain has been programmed for demons since you were a toddler, just like a child growing up in the Serengeti has been programmed to think “lion” when he hears rustling in the grass.





End of post.

12 thoughts on “PhD Claims to Have Encountered a Demon

  1. That demons only seem to appear to those who believe in them was the first thought that entered my head when I saw the blog post title on Randal’s page. I didn’t watch his video though, I prefer written blog posts and he’s unfortunately doing more and more videos these days. ( I assume they are quicker and easier to make, or maybe it’s an attempt to capture a younger audience? I don’t know).

    I think demons are like martians – When you stop believing in them, they stop appearing:
    I remember someone commenting years ago on a blog I can’t recall, that there used to be lots of stories about Martians visting earth and abducting people, sightings on deserted roads, etc, until we discovered there was no intelligent life on mars, then suddendly, all the “Martians abducted me” claims stopped. Now it’s just generic aliens abducting people.


    1. I’m with you, epicurus, videos are not my thing. At least when it’s written, you can skip over the typical blah-blah-blah to something that has some substance. Much harder to do in a video. Not to mention, some individuals aren’t all that “attractive” to look at (contrary to what they probably think).

      I liked your remark about the “generic” aliens! 😄😂😁


    2. Notice Rauser is demanding that I present a formal study which demonstrates that demons only appear to people who believe in demons. He is a real charlatan.


      1. It does seem that more and more apologists are trying to place the burden of proof on the non believer to prove the apologist’s phantoms do NOT exist. I speculate that’s part of Reformed Epistemology’s methodolgy.


  2. Along these lines, one bit of evidence that would be significant in establishing the truth of any religion is if some aspect peculiar to that religion was independently reported by some remote tribe who had never heard of that religion, so presumably the tribe could have only received knowledge of that claim or aspect through supernatural means.


  3. Gary, out of curiosity, why are you still spending time and effort engaging him? Plenty of people think he may be an actor. Whatever his true convictions are, he obviously has an agenda. I personally find his arrogance and condescension to be insufferable.


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