No, You Don’t Need a PhD in Biblical Studies to Deconvert from Christianity

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Christian Apologist: Gary, you left Christianity because you were poorly educated in the Faith and because you think like a fundamentalist. If you had invested the time to properly educate yourself, reading quality books by the many highly educated Christian scholars and theologians, you would see and comprehend the profound intricacies and complexities of the Christian Scriptures. You would see very clearly that Christianity is true. You would not have deconverted. (You are ignorant and stupid!)

Gary: How funny. That is exactly what Muslim and Mormon apologists say to their “apostates”! Check it out:

And here is a short clip of an ex-Mormon describing similar attacks by Mormons:







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4 thoughts on “No, You Don’t Need a PhD in Biblical Studies to Deconvert from Christianity

  1. I wish I had a nickel for every time some “sophisticated” theologian-apologist told an apostate that their theology wasn’t sophisticated enough. The Courtier’s Reply is one of the most annoying fallacies out there for non-believers.


    1. I’ve noticed it is currently the in-vogue method of attempting to discredit an apostate critic, and it appears, not just among Christian apologists. The video about Muslim apostates and the accusations against them by “true believers” is very powerful. I hope everyone watches it.

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  2. Ah yes, I was just one book away from keeping my faith. 😂 Never mind the fact that I read countless books written by “sophisticated” theologians.

    Another stupid argument . . .

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    1. Apologists are never satisfied with the number of books a skeptic reads. They are not satisfied until you “see the light” and come back into the fold (cult).

      Thanks for the comment, my friend!

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