Prayer is a Slot Machine

How Does a Slot Machine Work? - Pissed Off Geek

Christian: You assert prayer doesn’t work but that depends upon what you expect from it. It’s not an automatic machine that works every time. Your assertions are groundless. God is real and he can’t lose.

Gary: You are correct. Prayer is not an automatic machine. Prayer is a slot machine. You “win” just often enough to keep you pulling the handle. And that is why human beings have been praying to gods for thousands upon thousands of years. Prayers to Zeus, Ra, and Jupiter were “answered” just often enough to keep the masses praying to them (and obeying/giving money to their priests).

The truth is, I cannot prove that prayer does not work and you cannot prove that it does.

God is real and he cant lose.

Which god? Jesus of Nazareth?? 2,000 year old, contested, alleged, eyewitness testimony of ghost sightings is NOT good evidence that a first century peasant is the creator of the universe. But as we both know, your belief (like that of most Christians) in this ancient tale is primarily based on your intense emotions; intense emotions perpetuated daily when you perceive that you communicate with this invisible person with magical powers.

Listen carefully: Dead people stay dead. Invisible people are not real. You are operating under a very comforting, very pleasant, but very false delusion, my friend. Come into the light of reason and non-superstitious thinking.






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4 thoughts on “Prayer is a Slot Machine

  1. An expression comes to mind that apologetics consists mainly of convincing people the Bible doesn’t mean what it says. I think this is certainly the case with prayer. The Bible makes big deal of how powerful prayer is, and particularly in the New Testament. Powerful in the sense that you get what you ask for. In a direct way with visible measurable results. That is not what we get with religious claims to answered prayer in real life though. Whether it’s healing that is faked or embellished or isn’t anything that doesn’t also happen to non believers, or a certain amount of money prayed for that supposedly no one else knows about, until it comes out later that someone else actually did know, or the amount was actually not exactly what was asked for (anecdotal story from my own experience), the claims of answered prayer thus far have been discovered to be fake or are unverifiable, or so insignificant- lost keys found, football player scoring a touchdown etc, that they cannot be taken seriously. Whew, that was a long sentence.

    I also think much of the supposed answered prayer for silly insignificant things like finding lost keys or a raise at work show the bankruptcy of the concept, since I’m sure we can all agree there are millions of prayers going up from people in the massive and ever increasing number of refugee camps around the world, as well as people starving in famines and dying from disease. There are no answered prayers for them, at least not for the prayer of not dying or getting out of the refugee camp.


      1. The million dollar question.
        I think it’s because they really want it to be true. And it’s part of a package – salvation, Jesus, (or other religious figure) community life, sacred scriptures, etc. that reinforces the “must be true” feeling of each component.


  2. Prayer is so incredibly powerful that every time we go out and study it we just can’t seem to find any statistically significant effect. Maybe prayer is like homeopathy and less is more?


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