Would God Send Humans a Message of Salvation that Only Theologians and Scholars Can Decipher?

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My deconversion from Christianity did not happen overnight. It was a painful, four month process. I started out a fundamentalist, believing that every statement in the Bible was a literal fact, unless the language of the passage clearly indicated it was allegorical. So, I believed that Jonah literally lived in the belly of a fish for three days. I believed that dead saints were literally shaken back to life by an earthquake on Easter morning. When the Bible states that God will preserve his Word, and that he would not allow one jot or tittle to be changed, I believed that literally.

But one fateful day in 2014, I attempted to “reconvert” a Baptist pastor turned atheist blogger who was saying all kinds of horrific blasphemy against my Lord and Savior. In our discussions, he presented information that shocked me: Our Bibles contain thousands of scribal alterations of the originals. I was horrified. God said he would never allow his Word to be altered, but there they are, the Johannine Commae being the most grievous.

I sought reassurance from pastors, of several different denominations. They tried to assure me that these alterations were irrelevant. “It isn’t every word that matters, it is the overall MESSAGE that matters. The MESSAGE is inerrant, not every word.”

So God didn’t mean “every jot and tittle” he meant “the overall message”.

Ok… I’ll go with that…I think.

But then I started looking at the “message”. Was eternal damnation in Hell part of the message or a part of the “jot and tittle” that could be ignored? After all, there is substantial evidence that the concept of an afterlife did not exist until after the Jewish exile in Babylon. What about the Story of the Exodus? Most archaeologists no longer believe that this story is historical. The archaeological evidence for this story does not exist. Yet Jesus seemed to have believed that it was a real event. Jesus also seemed to have believed that Noah was a real person and that the Great Flood was a real event. Was Jesus wrong? I was again assured that since Jesus is perfect and can never be wrong, that Jesus was accommodating to his first century culture who *did* believe these persons and events were real. “The Bible cannot be read literally. One must understand the literary genre and cultural nuances to understand the intended meaning of the author.” So…the common man cannot understand the Bible? Only theologians and scholars can know what God really meant to convey in his message to the human race?

The pastors and online Christian apologists and bloggers to whom I reached out to in my desperate attempt to save my faith, always had a harmonization or resolution for every alleged contradiction or discrepancy in the Bible. But just because one can reconcile every apparent contradiction in an ancient text, does that mean that the text is historically reliable?

I finally had to ask myself this question: Would a good, loving, just, perfect, all-knowing God send humankind a message of salvation that is clear and concise, or would he send us a message that is so complicated to decipher, so full of allegory and “accommodation”, that many millions of people would reject the message as human-made nonsense? Would God send a message of salvation that only someone with a degree in theology could understand??

I don’t think so.







End of post.

11 thoughts on “Would God Send Humans a Message of Salvation that Only Theologians and Scholars Can Decipher?

  1. It makes sense, however, if that god is an evil one. It’s just messing with us. And, throwing in juuuuust enough good into the world to keep us in the game and to keep the con of being a good god going, while still sticking it to us in so many ways.

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    1. In this scenario God acts like the Devil. Maybe then, Satan is the one trying to make humans see that God isn’t the nice guy.


  2. And of course there’s the question of whether God would even send us a message that that requires humans to transmit. Why would an all powerful God have the need for intermediaries? Why not just give each of us that message directly and obviously?

    When one steps back, and looks at the objective evidence, Christianity has all the appearances of a man-made religion, just like every other religion.

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  3. I was again assured that since Jesus is perfect and can never be wrong, that Jesus was accommodating to his first century culture who did believe these persons and events were real.
    One has to question the logic of anyone making such an assertion about Jesus. After all he was merely god in human form.
    To consider valid the approach you were fobbed off with suggests that Jesus /God had been caught with his pants down after lying in the first place. Therefore, why on earth would he inspire such ridiculous tales in the first place?


    1. I’m sure that Christians would counter that to pretend something is true is not a lie if it serves the purpose of saving hell-bound souls.

      To me, it is still lying.

      Bottom line: If one wants to find a rationalization for every apparent discrepancy in ANY ancient holy text, one can find them if one tries hard enough.

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