Holy Crap! Readers Have Been Leaving Comments in “Feedback” Which I Only Noticed Today!

Martin Luther | Stanford History Education Group

Yes, I am over 50 years of age and my technology skills definitely demonstrate that fact! In addition to a “comment section”, my blog has a “feedback” category which I never knew existed. Readers have been leaving comments in this subcategory of my blog for years and I only noticed it today! Most of the feedback is positive, but a few are not. One or two condemn me for attacking Christianity. I will share a few of these in the next few posts, without mentioning the name of the person giving the feedback, of course.

Here is one:

You have all the right in the world to be an atheist/agnostic or whatever. Just as Christians have a right to be Christians, and all other religious people Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, etc. are entitled to hold their beliefs. What I don’t think you have a right to do is to be insulting, and actually pretty dogmatic: “Adults should not talk to imaginary friends….” Really? I’ll talk to anyone I want. Oh and lest you think I am some sort of undereducated kook, I have a doctorate in sociology from a Big Ten university. And I do talk (pray) to Jesus. And it’s really not any of your business. If you have to be insulting to make a point, maybe you should re-evaluate your premises.

My response would have been: As long as your belief system indoctrinates little children and gullible adults to believe that an invisible, all-powerful, superhero in the sky is going to punish them in some fashion after their death for what they believe, I view your belief system as a fear-based cult and feel obliged to expose and condemn it. Have a wonderful day!


Gary, I know exactly where you’re coming from, so I took up TM and just ‘intend’ for things to go the way they should. It works for me most of the time. Prayer never did, just left me feeling empty and guttered. Just thought I’d share that with you. Cheers.


Hi Gary, I had the opposite path that you have traveled. I once declared myself an atheist for 10 years after praying for God to change my heart, only to have Him answer my prayer and make me a believer 10 years later. I am not sure how old this post is or if you are still receiving correspondence, but please email me if interested in my story. 

My response would have been:

I’ll pass.


Sir, Regarding the name of your blog “Luther was not born again,” do you intend to make that as a factual statement, a parody, a catchy title or what? If you do indeed hold that it is factually accurate that Luther wasn’t born again (didn’t believe in Jesus’ deity, resurrection or what have you), how do you reach that conclusion? Please cite the document(s) that shows he didn’t believe those things because I am genuinely interested in this question now. Did he ever explicitly affirm those doctrines or did he ever explicitly deny those doctrines? It seems that if he never did either, then we can’t answer this question due to lack of evidence. Thanks.

My response would have been:

This blog was originally created to “help” other disillusioned evangelical Christians like myself—Christians sick of the emotional roller coaster of Evangelicalism in which the only way one can validate his or her eternal salvation is by the subjective perception of “feeling” the presence of Jesus in your “heart”—to discover true Christianity: confessional Lutheranism! The title “Luther Was Not Born Again” was a teaser: Most evangelicals believe that Martin Luther had a born again experience, and that is why he broke from the Catholic Church. Nothing could be further from the truth. Until his dying breath, Martin Luther believed that he was “eternally saved” or “born again” by an act of God in his water baptism as a baby!

I’ll post a few more feedback comments in the next couple of posts.






End of post.

6 thoughts on “Holy Crap! Readers Have Been Leaving Comments in “Feedback” Which I Only Noticed Today!

  1. Ok, I did see that before, but I just assumed that sent an email to you. Obviously not! I wonder how many other WordPress bloggers have piled up messages they’ve never seen, haha.

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  2. Nah Gary, don’t worry about missing all these old, erroneously submitted FEEDBACKS (not comments) due to your age. Hah! All the people who sent you feedback can be equally blamed for their geriatric flaws… or simple naivety. 😉

    It is quite clear and easily presumed that “Feedback” is for GENERAL suggestions, thoughts, etc, from readers/visitors. Comments are for specific posts. I’d say those visitors have some reading/cognitive problems and issues. You are just fine. 😛


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