If the Evidence For the Resurrection is So Strong, Why Do the World’s Jews Reject It?

Rabbinic Judaism

What is the best argument against the Christian claim that the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus is “strong”? Answer: the overwhelming majority of Jesus’ own people, the Jews, reject the evidence as insufficient.

Some scholars have estimated that less than 1,000 Jews converted to Christianity in the first few centuries of the Common Era. If true, that is stunning. And think about this: If Jesus fulfilled ALL the OT messianic prophecies as Christians claim, how is it possible that so few Jews saw in Jesus the fulfillment of God’s promises to them? Are the world’s Jews that dense? Are the world’s Jews so “hard-hearted” (an unprovable, bigoted, conspiracy theory) that they are unwilling to recognize the “strong” evidence staring them in the face??

And how is it possible that with only one or two exceptions, every Jewish Bible scholar who has ever lived has rejected the evidence presented to them by Christians that Jesus was the Jewish messiah or that God raised him from the dead?

Either the world’s Jews are stubborn fools or Christians have overestimated the strength of their evidence.

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4 thoughts on “If the Evidence For the Resurrection is So Strong, Why Do the World’s Jews Reject It?

  1. It’s interesting that Paul didn’t convert because of evidence and or fulfilled prophecy, but because of a mystical experience. Yet after conversion he would quote “fulfilled” OT prophecy and “reason” with people.
    But it was a violation of his freewill, basically making him believe, that converted him. Not any evidence or knowledge of scripture.


  2. I hate to be a broken record, but Christianity is a GENTILE religion. The Jews rejected it because Paul made it about an itinerant preacher named Yeshua who had no credentials and was never “blessed” by Yahweh.

    What the average believer refuses to accept is that their Jesus was a nobody until Paul made him into a “god” for the Gentiles.

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