Why Do Fundamentalist Religions Distrust Science?

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Evangelical Christian apologist: Science is littered with unreliable findings.

Do not trust scientists!

This anti-science attitude pervades much of evangelicalism and fundamentalist Protestantism. And this is why every American (Canadian, Briton, etc.) should have access to a free public university education! He/she will learn just how reliable science is, including biology. The evidence for Darwinian evolution is MASSIVE. The fact that it is called a theory does not mean that scientists are still skeptical of its veracity. In reality, the “Law” of Gravity is really still a theory, yet no rational person questions that theory. The overwhelming majority of scientists are just as confident in the veracity of Darwinian evolution as they are of the “Theory” of Gravity. Never in human history has there been a method of evaluating our universe whose accuracy comes anywhere close to that of the Scientific Method. 

Trust the consensus opinion of scientists, folks!

A public university education (contrasted to an education at a private Bible college or religious university) will expose the young person to new cultures, new religions, atheism, agnosticism, multi-culturalism—people outside the social bubble of his parents and church.

A public university education for the entire population will do more to reduce the influence of fundamentalist religion in the West than the efforts of all us online skeptic apologists combined. A public university education free of religious influence is the bright light that lightens the dark corners of superstition and anti-scientism, replacing them with reason and rational thinking.







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3 thoughts on “Why Do Fundamentalist Religions Distrust Science?

  1. My experience is that they tend to see scientists as part of some grand conspiracy, and out to destroy the world. For evolution it’s a conspiracy against the Bible, and God, because they want to destroy both. For global warming it’s a conspiracy against the economy, and they want everyone to be poor.

    They entire worldview is deluded and it hampers their ability to figure out what epistemic methods are reliable. To them revelation is reliable, and science is only reliable if it comports with their understanding. It’s incredibly frustrating. It’s all part of cult of ignorance.

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  2. Your last two paragraphs Gary are spot on! Well done, well stated.

    And I want to second Herald’s comment above. I attended a 4-yr Christian university education—albeit on a futebol/soccer scholarship, not for a Xian degree!—in Jackson, MS… in the Deep South steeped in Xian fundamentalism and evangelicals. I attended seminary for 2.5 years there, and the entire 11-yrs there in Mississippi, regularly active in church ministries, missions, Co-Director of the Singles Ministry at my church as well as serving Deacon… that “lifestyle” and absolutely devout, committed, and fully “reborn and saved” as they say work and harvesting… showed me intimately and truthfully just how AFRAID hardcore Believers/Faithers are of Satan’s tricks and ability to snatch & grab Christian hearts, minds, and souls—as Herald alludes to above. Therefore, they avoid Science (Satan’s workshop) like the plague!!! 😵😱

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