The Absurd Irrationality of Evangelical Christian Apologetics

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“In point of fact, we can know that Jesus rose from the dead wholly apart from the historical evidence.  The simplest Christian, who has neither the opportunity nor wherewithal to conduct an historical investigation of  Jesus’ resurrection, can know with assurance that Jesus is risen because God’s Spirit bears unmistakable witness to him that it is so.”

–William Lane Craig, evangelical Christian historian and apologist in his book, The Son Rises, 1981

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Why should skeptics bother debating evangelical Christians regarding the evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth if at the end of the day their belief in the historicity of this event is not based primarily on historical evidence but on their subjective perception of a spirit (ghost) living somewhere inside their bodies?  Regardless of how much evidence we skeptics are able to produce against the eyewitness authorship and historical reliability of the Gospels (the lynchpin arguments of evangelical apologists), evangelicals will refuse to concede an inch of ground due to the alleged “testimony of the Holy Spirit”.

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If you believe that the spirit of God the Creator tells you that the Gospels are historically reliable sources of information no amount of objective evidence against that position is going to change your mind!

I therefore suggest that skeptics refuse to debate evangelical Christians regarding historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus until evangelicals first provide the evidence for their belief that the spirit (ghost) of Jesus is at this very moment living inside their bodies, communicating with them in a “still, small voice”!

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Due to this core evangelical Christian teaching and belief, how can any evangelical scholar or apologist deny that their research is hopelessly biased?


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5 thoughts on “The Absurd Irrationality of Evangelical Christian Apologetics

  1. As I was reading your opening quote from olde Billy Craig a thought came to me. Why have the Bible at all? Isn’t it just extraneous if the Holy Spirit tells you the truth anyways? Wouldn’t it actually be much better evidence for the truth of Christianity if everyone, regardless of their background, just knew what the stories of Jesus were, and didn’t need to hear it from other humans? If pockets of Christianity sprang up without contact, that would be some very impressive evidence to support this Christian idea about the Holy Spirit.

    What we have though just looks completely impotent..God’s most important message is only spread by humans, and never spreads without humans. Where is the Holy Spirit?

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    1. And if the Holy Spirit exists, why has it allowed each and every Protestant Christian to believe that only he and those of like mind (his denomination) are truly listening to what the Holy Spirit has to say?

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  2. If all these Evangelical Christians are listening to the Holy Spirit, how is it that there are well over 40,000 different denominations and the number is rising every week. There are many different (and sometimes contradictory) interpretations of the bible and what the Holy Spirit is saying. It’s complete confusion. Isn’t it more probable that no Holy Spirit exists? He’s not supposed to be the author of confusion, yet Evangelical Christians can’t agree.


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