African-Americans Deserve Reparation Payments

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When my white ancestors came to this country, many of them were given the opportunity to homestead free land.  That opportunity gave my poor, landless, European ancestors the opportunity to accumulate wealth which has been passed down through the generations.

For African-Americans, no such free distribution of wealth was ever given to their ancestors.  Their ancestors came to this country in shackles, and once here, performed back-breaking labor without compensation every day of their lives until dead.  When slavery ended, not one cent was put into the pockets of the former slaves to start a new life.  Yes, they were free, but on their own to struggle for their very existence, while at the same time, experiencing massive discrimination at every attempt to get ahead.

It is time for America to do the right thing:  Every African-American deserves significant financial compensation in reparation for the massive injustices they and their ancestors have endured.

Come on, America!  Let’s do it!



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3 thoughts on “African-Americans Deserve Reparation Payments

  1. For how long? If this generation of AA gets reparations, what about the next? Do you think they won’t demand it in 20 or 30 years?


    1. I suggest we provide reparations and formulate those reparations in such a way that every African-American has the opportunity to achieve middle-class status within a generation (25 years). Here are some ideas:

      -Every African-American living in the United States on a certain date would be paid one lump sum of money.

      -In addition, every month, for the rest of their lives, they are paid a monthly stipend.

      -Every child born to one of these AA citizens after the date mentioned above, would receive one lump sum equal to 50% of their parents’ lump sum on their eighteenth birthday, and a monthly stipend of 50% of that of their parents’ stipend after their eighteenth birthday, for the rest of their life.

      In addition to the above, a public university education would be free; federally secured home mortgages with a very minimum down payment and very low interest rates would be guaranteed to all AA applicants; free job training and child care.

      Our white ancestors were given free government land (homesteads). That is a government hand-out. The money given to African-Americans would not be a government hand-out. It would be long over due compensation for the repeated violations of their rights and the rights of their ancestors as American citizens.


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