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Imagine your reaction if your neighbor told you the following story:

Did you know that the spirit of my deceased grandfather, George, lives in my heart, communicates with me in a silent voice on a daily basis, performs supernatural magic tricks for me, gives me counsel and advice on major decisions in my life, and, provides the most amazing feelings of peace, serenity, and security? 

Oh, and I forgot to mention, my grand father created the universe!

You would undoubtedly assume that your neighbor is certifiably nuts!  And you would be correct.  Yet millions of evangelical Christians, all over the world, believe that the spirit of another man, a man who lived 2,000 years ago, lives in their “heart”.  And these people believe that this belief is consistent with rational thinking!

My goodness!  What a massive delusion!

What evangelical Christians need to realize is that the very “real” perceptions and feelings which they have about their invisible “special friend” Jesus is not one bit different from the belief of a small child that he has an invisible “special friend” named Bob.

You are living in a delusional world, my evangelical Christian friend.  The “voice” you hear speaking to you is no other than YOU…your internal monologue.  I challenge you to prove me wrong!

Come out of your delusion, evangelical Christians.  Come into the light of reason, science, and rational thinking.




End of post.

18 thoughts on “Jesus Lives in my Heart: The Great Delusion of Evangelical Christianity

  1. re: “Yet millions of evangelical Christians, all over the world, believe that the spirit of another man, a man who lived 2,000 years ago, lives in their “heart”.”

    We’ve covered this ground before, in that thread on Ehrman’s blog, where you made a total fool of yourself talking to Licona.

    Christians don’t believe that “the spirit of another man… lives in their heart”. They believe that the spirit of God, the Creator of the Universe – which was the same spirit in Jesus – lives in their heart.

    All you’re doing, Gary, is to show off the fallacious theology that you yourself must have once held dear – and, which is totally wrong.

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    1. The fact that evangelical Christians believe that Jesus was more than just a “man” is the very point of this post!

      To believe that Jesus, a first century peasant, was the creator of the universe is just as nutty as believing that your grandfather, George, is the creator of the universe.

      And, belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus is just as nutty as: Believing that your grandfather George was resurrected from the dead three days after his public burial by an ancient Canaanite deity named Yahweh and that after his “resurrection”, Grandpa George flew off into outer space where at this very moment, he sits on a golden throne, in a golden city, at the edge of the universe, where he reigns as Lord and Master of the Cosmos!!!

      Both beliefs are CRAZY!!!


    2. Mike Licona should be called on the carpet by his evangelical university employer and his church for publicly denying the presence of the spirit of Jesus (of Nazareth) within him! He betrayed his faith. Shame on him for equivocating.

      Jesus must be rolling over in his grave!


      1. I’m still waiting for “Dead Atheist” (aka FT BOND) to respond to this question. This is the question I should have asked Mike Licona. There isn’t any wiggle room. (That is why FT doesn’t want to answer it!)


          1. I have banned the rude Mr. FT Bond multiple times but he changes his IP address each time and then posts another comment. So instead of trying to ban him, I will simply delete any comment he makes in which he engages in personal insults or does not stay on topic.


  2. If all True Christians have God’s spirit within them, why do they come to different conclusions about him? Why don’t they all agree on how to interpret his Word? Why don’t they believe the same doctrines (34,000 Christian denominations/sects and counting)? Why don’t know how he wants to be worshipped? Why do they have such different views about issues they say matter to him? Why don’t they agree on what these issues actually are? Why does each sect think they are right and every other sect is wrong? In short, why does God direct them to believe in such diverse and frequently mutually exclusive ways if he’s the same God who inhabits all of them?
    The logical conclusion is he isn’t and doesn’t. It’s all make believe; fallibly human from start to finish.

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    1. Fundamentalists would respond to this point: “We” are the only ones listening to the Holy Spirit (Jesus). Everyone else is either ignoring the Spirit or not real Christians.


      1. They would. And more liberal Christians would say evangelicals are extremists who don’t really understand God’s compassion while Catholics would say both of these interpretations are wrong; God’s spirit is manifest in the Church of Rome… and on and on. The Holy Spirit is just another term for confirmation bias.


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