I am Joining a New Religion: Pastafarianism

For more information regarding the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, click here.

Interested in becoming an ordained minister of the most holy FSM Church?  This official ordination certificate, embossed with a gold foil seal, could be yours for only $34!

May the Pasta be with you!





End of post.

8 thoughts on “I am Joining a New Religion: Pastafarianism

  1. You have been Touched by his Noodly Appendage! Truly, he boiled for our sins.

    This isn’t all that new, I’ve been official clergy of the CoFSM since 2011. I have a certificate and ID card and everything. Prophet Bobby founded the whole thing back in 2005 as a response to the “intelligent design” crapola that the creationists were trying to shove into the curriculum. If they can put in their silly nonsense, we can demand equal time for our even sillier nonsense.


    1. Must I now address you as…your Eminence?

      In my opinion, believing that a three day dead first century corpse came back to life and forty days later flew off into outer space where it now rules as Lord and Master of the Cosmos is much sillier than believing that an invisible meatball is the Creator of the universe!

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      1. And when you look at the state of the world, which makes more sense, that an ultra-intelligent all-knowing all-powerful creator poofed it into existence with all these stupid problems because reasons? Or that a creator who wasn’t very intelligent and has a juvenile sense of humor created it this way because he was drunk at the time? I know which one of those matches up better with reality!

        Oh, and gravity isn’t real either, it’s just His Noodly Appendages holding you down. This is part of the theory of “Intelligent falling” that needs to be inserted into Physics classes as part of our equal time. And global warming is cause by the lack of Pirates. (Who are His chosen people, Yarrr!) We have a graph and everything.



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