Best Method to Eliminate Stupidity in the United States

1 Corinthians 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness ...

It is very distressing to me to see such a large percentage of the American public supporting the idiotic policies of our current president in this time of crisis.  If the leader of any other industrialized nation behaved in the manner as our current president (promoting unproven drug treatments, disputing and attempting to shut down the views of medical experts during a deadly pandemic, etc.) he would very probably be removed from office or his government would fall and new elections would be called.

So why do so many conservative Americans trust the medical advice of a shady New York businessman and his underlings over and above nationally recognized and respected medical experts and scientists?  I believe it is because a significant percentage of people in this country are taught by their religious leaders that “the wisdom of the world” is foolish and therefore dangerous.  Experts in science (and therefore, medicine) are distrusted and even mocked.  Higher education (other than Bible college) is frowned upon as “evil”.

How can we change this?

Answer:  Offer a free public university education to the children of all born-again Christians!

I’m serious.  A public university education exposes you to the worldviews of other cultures, religions, and political views.  It expands your mind.  It pulls young people out of the bubble created by their parents and their parents’ particular social circle; a bubble which isolates most young people from opposing views and inhibits them from challenging the rationality of the views inherited from their parents.

I therefore strongly support a free public university education for all Americans, but in particular, for the children of fundamentalist Christians (and fundamentalist Muslims, fundamentalist Jews, fundamentalist Hindus, etc.).  I would also make private religious schools for children under 18 illegal.  All American children under the age of 18 should attend a public school.  Public schools are the primary “mixer” to the melting pot that is the United States.  If someone wants to go to a religious college after they graduate from high school, no problem.  It’s a free country.  Knock yourself out.  But no public financing for your religious education (indoctrination).




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3 thoughts on “Best Method to Eliminate Stupidity in the United States

  1. Hmmm… sounds like thought police stuff. But atheists seem to veer that way, at least historically (USSR, China, etc etc)

    Also, no offence to the USA, and the South African government has messed up in the last 25 years, but the need for high school leavers needing remedial education in the States is shocking – between $4 – $7 billion dollars is spent each year on remedial education. 45% of students needing that come from middle-to-high income households.

    Basically government education is not working.

    You can check out the figures and check the sources – great summary paragraph here:

    What was the quote? In the USA with a liberal education, they’ve gone from teaching Latin at high school to remedial English in college in 70 years?

    Something like that?

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