Dear Old Earth Creationists: If the Universe is 14 Billion Years Old, How do You Reconcile the Fall of Adam?

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Michael Strauss, evangelical Christian blogger and scientist:  “Over the last 100 years scientists have discovered that the universe had a beginning about 14 billion years ago in which space, time, matter, and energy came into existence.”

Gary:  I assume you also believe the scientific consensus that the first humans existed sometime between five and seven million years ago, millions of years AFTER the first living organisms appeared. If this is true, how do you explain the fact that millions of living organisms were suffering and dying for millions of years PRIOR to Adam’s and Eve’s fall—the event in history in which God cursed his “good” creation—as taught by most mainstream Christian churches?




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8 thoughts on “Dear Old Earth Creationists: If the Universe is 14 Billion Years Old, How do You Reconcile the Fall of Adam?

  1. Maybe when Adam and Eve sinned and death came into the world there was a mass extinction and all death was retroactive to the time of its existence, effectively fossilizing prehistoric creatures to their original creation dates. If there was no death until Adam and Eve, this must’ve been a busy, standing room only earth.


    1. My “old earth” LCMS pastor once explained to me that when the Bible talks about death being the consequence of Adam and Eve’s sin, it is only referring to their death. Animals had been dying for millions of years. When I asked if humans were descended from other species, he initially said, yes. When I pointed out to him that this position contradicted the teachings of our denomination, he back-tracked and then claimed that the reason that humans and great apes share so much DNA in common is because when God made Adam out of the dust of the ground, he scooped up some gorilla dung in the dust!

      It amazes me the contorted, ad hoc explanations that “old earth” Christians must come up with in order to hold on to their belief that human beings are “sinners” in need of a savior.

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        1. The fact is that one can take any ancient culture’s Creation Story, attempt to conform it with the scientific facts now known about our universe…and with enough ingenuity and imaginative ad hoc explanations, one can always achieve success!

          I would suggest, however, that instead of starting with the assumption that an ancient supernatural tale is fact, and then attempt to make science and that ancient tale compatible, we should start with the known scientific facts and then deduce the most probable explanation from those facts.

          Does anyone really believe that in analyzing the known scientific facts about our universe, free of any preconceived biases as to its origin, that any educated, modern person would come to the conclusion that a good and just, all-knowing, all-powerful Creator created the universe, knowing full well that in short order he would curse it, inflicting massive suffering on all living creatures in that creation for millennia. And then, after five to seven million years had passed, decide in the year 3 BCE, that he would send himself in the form of one of his creatures to die in a bloody human sacrifice to appease his anger for the first humans’ crime of eating his forbidden fruit???

          No way.

          Examine the scientific evidence FIRST, then derive an hypothesis!

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  2. I think you were pretty wise to leave that LCMS church.

    It’s very clear that the death of animals was certainly around for millions and millions of years before “Man” ever came along. So, obviously, it wasn’t their deaths that “entered the world with sin”.

    But, even Man’s death wasn’t “invented” and put upon them, as if it were something “new”. It wasn’t. “Adam and Eve” (…and note, I, like most Christians, don’t take the Genesis story literally) had no guarantee of “eternal life” when they were in Eden. Potentially, they could hae lived there, and died there. They had the potential of an eternal life – if they ever got around to eating from the “Tree of Life”. But, they didn’t. So, getting expelled from the Garden just basically guaranteed that they would, “Death” – which had always been around (potentially, for Man), became something guaranteed to happen in that “expulsion”. So, in that respect, death was a consequence of the commonly-called “Fall of Man”, but only because the other option (eternal life) had been lost to Man.

    So, contrary to what churches have taught for centuries, “death” wasn’t a new “invention” of God – not even the death of Man. There was never an earthbound creature in the Genesis account of Creation that was ever guaranteed not to die. Ever.


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