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I’ll admit it:  I’m a political junkie.  I was salivating to get home tonight to spend my evening in front of the TV set to watch the incoming numbers from the Iowa Democratic Caucus.  Well, it is midnight Eastern Time and no numbers have been reported!

What a joke.

I have a suggestion, Iowans:  Abandon the caucus system and adopt a normal primary.  You have screwed this up too many times!  You’ve made Florida look like a well-oiled machine.



End of post.

3 thoughts on “Hey, Iowa: YOU SCREWED UP!

  1. Here’s a better idea, let’s stop using Iowa as the first Democratic primary, and start with a state that actually matters. With all the money, time, and effort, that goes into Iowa, you’d think that the people there actually mattered. It’s not like Iowa is representative of the rest of the country. It’s all about coming out of the gate with “momentum”

    I think the Democrats would do much better if they started in a place like Florida, or North Carolina. As far as swing states go, these are much more valuable, and better representatives of the rest of the country.


  2. WOW, Gary. You surprise me. You’re a political junkie???? And all this time I thought Christianity and its fallacies was your can’t-live-without obsession. Will wonders never cease? 😀

    BTW, that fiasco with Iowa was super ridiculous! Changes are most definitely needed.


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